Oh no! Emma Frost gets nerfed in ‘Avengers Alliance’

Avengers Alliance: Mental Trauma

If any of you have noticed since the inception of Rogue, Emma Frost’s powers have decreased significantly in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance.” The good news — according to Playdom, it’s a glitch, so they are working on restoring her back to full potential.

Hi everyone,

You may or may not have noticed that Emma Frost is not as powerful as she was before the release of Rogue. This is NOT how it was intended.

We apologize for this error that has occurred. We are working on restoring her power back to before as soon as possible.


via Playdom forums

The stickied post was created August 9, so hopefully we’ll see her full powers stats back soon. At least we now know they want her as a major power player in the long run!


  • Emmagracefrost

    it was a “glitch”

    • Guest

      As noted in the post?

  • Niklas B

    I told you this would happen :)

    • Aimee

      But it’s a temporary glitch they plan to fix!! :)

  • fuuuu

    they always do this… and they always will. if charcters wouldnt be nerfed all the time, you wouldnt buy new characters

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    Hey guys they fixed her :D she not super strong but she is strong now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ing.armando.garcia Armando García

    And so, they nerfed her once again, But this time even worse.