Emma Frost to write BBC One’s ‘The White Queen’

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OK, it’s not the Emma Frost or White Queen we’re thinking of (however, an Emma Frost TV show would be nice), but BBC One’s “The White Queen” will be a ten-part tv series in 2013 based off Phillipa Gregory‘s novel “The Cousin’s War.”

“The White Queen” is set during the War of the Roses in 1464. Edward IV marries a widow and commoner, so that’s when the crap hits the ceiling and the women involved begin their quest for the throne.

BBC summarizes the atmosphere of the TV show as this:

The White Queen is the thrilling story of the women caught up in the ongoing conflict for the throne – they are some of the most ruthless players in history and will stop at nothing to support their own causes and those of the ones they love.

The most bizarre part? It will be scripted by a writer named Emma Frost. Her name is buried under Google searches, thanks to Marvel’s Emma Frost claiming the top spot, so there’s a good chance the real life Emma Frost knows of the fictional Emma Frost!

ETA: Here’s a profile on the writer Emma Frost by London Screenwriters’ Festival.


  • airdreams

    what a coincidence!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    OK this is totally unrelated but i was wondering,why are Emma and Scott together.Cause I tried finding out,out of interest and nothing,what I mean is why did Emma fall for Scott cause from what I read they don’t exactly have similar interests besides helping mutant kind,if someone can tell me then you have made my week. =)

  • mikey

    Scary, man!

  • Emmagracefrost

    @facebook-100000118539091:disqus Emma falling for Scott was her redemption factor and lead her story arc to becoming a good guy

    • Khino

      Not really. Emma was already a good guy for around 8 years before she and Scott became an item. Her path to redemption started when she lost her students, the Hellions. That’s what pushed her to face her mistakes and become a better person. It was during the Phalnx Covenant that she joined the X-Men (not the main team, though, as a teacher in Generation X).

      • Khino

        I meant “Phalanx” Covenant ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    @Emmagracefrost,so Emma doesn’t really love him? She’s just with him to look like a good guy or is she genuinely in love with him?

    • Khino

      She’s genuinely in love with him. She’s living in a place she loathes and gave up on her job as a teacher to stay with him. If her reason was to pretend she was a good guy, she would’ve left with Wolverine, as his side is the more “heroic” one, instead of staying with the reformed villains.

      As to why she loves him, It’s hard to say. Even in real life, it’s hard to find words to describe this kind of feeling and the reasoning behind it. I don’t know, really, and I don’t remember Emma ever trying to explain it.

  • Khino

    Coincidence indeed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    Thank you for the explanations helped me understand Emma a little more :)

    • Khino

      You’re welcome ;)

  • EmmaFrostScreenwriter

    I do indeed know of the fictional Emma Frost….(and some would say I share some of her abilities…) but it’s an entertaining coincidence that that’s what our drama series has ended up being called. Liking your synopsis of the show by the way!

    • Aimee

      Hah, this is hilarious! I appreciate the comment. Thanks for stopping by!