What is going on in Avengers vs X-Men #7?

Avengers vs X-Men #7 sets up the Phoenix Five in conflicting ways. The characters have different philosophies on how to deal with the Avengers. Cyclops wants to stick straight to the rescue mission of finding Hope (even though he stated he wants Scarlet Witch’s head on a platter and “no more Avengers”), while the others want death and the Scarlet Witch to pay for her crimes against mutantkind.

Well, first, I’m not sure what Colossus is doing, but he sure looks gorgeous.

Colossus in Avengers vs X-Men

Magik has been throwing stray Avengers into limbo in X-Men Legacy #269.

Magik in X-Men Legacy #269

Namor is getting impatient with Cyclops’ boyscout tactics and thought Emma should have killed them all when she burned away Hawkeye.

Namor in Avengers vs X-Men

And it seems Emma Frost has about had it as well. So, after the Avengers captured Transonic while the Scarlet Witch tore Namor to pieces and put him back together, Emma tells him that she knows where Transonic is…and kisses him, too. Emma is, obviously, very much aware of what Namor would do with the information: attack Wakanda, where the Avengers are camping.

Avengers vs X-Men #7: Emma Frost and Namor

Of course, any crass actions that the Phoenix Five takes will probably not be entirely blamed on them as their actual selves since they’re possessed by the Phoenix Force.

The Phoenix Force enhances the emotions of those it possesses, so we have seen them all act very passionate, but the covers for the last issues of AvX reveal a showdown between Cyclops and Emma. Could this set each character up for the impending death in issue 11?

A few theories are floating around about Emma’s intentions.

  • She is sick of Cyclops and is betraying him.
  • Already aware of what Namor would do with the information, she’s trying to rally Cyclops into doing something more volatile against the Avengers too.
  • The power is seducing her, so she is losing control of the Phoenix Force — which will lead to her death.
  • All of this is planned by both Emma and Cyclops, like in the Dark Reign cop-out that Matt Fraction also wrote.

Or, maybe as Emma and Cyclops fight for ultimate power, Squirrel Girl kills them both, steals the Phoenix Force and then shares the power with all the squirrels in the Marvel Universe!


  • airdreams

    Perhaps Emma just was trying to use Namor to rescue imprisoned Laurie.

    When I first read AvX #7 I was totally outraged. It reminded me of the whole Madelyne Pryor thing, which I f**king hated.

    According to her behavior in it, it’s highly possible that they want to make Emma a real villain and prepare to let Scott kill her to redeem himself… I know that’s sorta irrational and unwise to jump to conclusion but I just can’t help :(

    I beliebe Emma is the most iconic villain-turned-hero in MU. If she were villainized since the return of teen-jean or other stupid reasons, the whole reformed-villains thing would be a big fat joke. If they intend to kill her to redeem or free Scott… it’s nothing but an insulting to all readers, and shows clearly that they are misogynists.

    • Aimee

      Yeah, that is a possibility too — that she just really wants to get Transonic out of the mess since teaching and children are her passion.

      Hopefully something more original will happen instead of Emma’s death! With the Phoenix involved, it would just make the story similar to Madelyne and Jean. Blech!

  • Shark

    I really think she’s just setting Namor up to be the fall guy when things get screwy.

  • airdreams

    So many X-creators have stated that they enjoy writing Emma, that she is
    one of their favorite characters, that she is one of the best
    characters in X-Men, that they LOVE her, blah blah blah.

    I used to believe these statements and I still put my hope in them now,
    but well, what they’ve done and what they are trying to do talk to me
    loudly that they do not love Emma, or even like her.

    Their concern is always Scott alone. To highlight Scott, they killed off
    Jean, villainized Maddie; when they were trying to make Scott finally
    to be his own man and fully step out from behind the shadow of Xavier,
    they exiled Professor X; they even put the whole mutantkinds in extreme
    danger of extinction to forge Scott’s own path for the X-Men… The only
    reason why Emma can manage it only because they thought she’s suitable
    for the recent stages of Scott’s character development.

    Today they believe the recent Scott is not interesting enough and needs
    another developmental direction… so, it’s Emma’s turn now.

    I’ll never blame Scott, a fictional character, for those shity things. I
    like him. All I know is that female characters are always victims, and
    some people have all being acted like misogynists.

    P.S. I desperately hope Marvel uses the
    following issues to punch me in my face and scream to me “Do not jump to
    conclusions, idiot! You are entirely wrong!”, LOL

    • Niklas B

      What creators do you have in mind here?

      Not that I think it matters what they think individually, this is seemingly Marvel as a whole changing direction, which is hardly something that’s up to individual writers or editors. Unless you’re one of the guys very close to the top perhaps.

      So if there’s no Emma Frost (except the alternate version as a consolation price and to keep the character “alive”) in Marvel NOW! I wouldn’t go around assinging any blame. It’s nothing personal, just what they think works best overall.

      Cyclops is also a character of greater value than Emma Frost, so his development would trump hers if the two got in conflict with each other.

      And even if your worst fears come true (let’s hope they don’t!), the character has had some ten good years in the spotlight (even if a rather large part was perhaps more about Cyclops), not something everyone can boast of.

      • Aimee

        I am a bit worried that she appears in the alternate reality X-Treme X-Men with Nightcrawler, who is dead. :/

        • Niklas B

          There’s also a Wolverine, who is not dead there. Not that it proves anything :)

          Personally I think it’s more likely Marvel will change Emma Frost’s direction rather than killing her off. Maybe put her on a new Brotherhood with Magneto and others to mimic the First Class movie. Depends on how much baggage they want to get rid of for their all new beginning.

          • Aimee

            I would really like to see Emma take the more morally ambiguous route. This defanging of her character is getting old and already out-of-character, but I hope they don’t return her to her darker side by making it look like she is out of control. Emma has always been very smart and in-control, so I hope that’s the direction they will take with her. I’d like to see her continue her pragmatic approach to the mutant issues, which has always been a passion of hers.

        • airdreams

          Yeah, at least we have Emmeline…

      • airdreams

        I understand that as a read I have no choice but to accept it unless I do not read X-Men anymore. It’s just…a little bit unacceptable for me. I love Emma/Scott and I do not want to see that she goes back to villainy or something. I hope Emma could end up in one of the school books starting teaching again (except Bendis’ books of course).

        • Aimee

          I don’t want Emma to go back to villainy or this facade of a super-punching super hero. I just want to see her walk the fine line between hero and villain again. Even when she was White Queen, I didn’t entirely consider her villainous. In New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men, I didn’t entirely consider her a traditional hero either.

          • airdreams

            I love her moral ambiguity and the fact
            that she’s a nontraditional heroine is one of the most important reasons why I
            love her. But all those things can be represented perfectly when she’s with X-Men.
            Joining an enemy team perhaps means less appearance and less development of
            character for her.

  • Anthony

    Kill off Emma Frost? Why they just kill off Scott? The Scarlet Witch deserves to die as well for Decimation and M-Day as well.
    Knowing Emma, all her intentions are for the better good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/plagua Patrick Lagua

    I for one am very much worried…when the solicits for issue 11 came out (i.e. Scott and Emma throwing down Phoenix style in the cover)…I thought it would be because Emma wanted to stop Scott since his zeal to ‘save’ the mutant race has gone out of control…but AvX #7 seems to lead to an opposite conclusion: i.e. Emma, Namor and Magik being seduced by the infinite power of the Phoenix and turning ‘dark’ as it were…though we can’t blame the characters solely for their actions (they are being possessed by a cosmic entity that has infinite reserves of power)…I think it just magnifies what’s already there, rather than implanting anything new. BUT, we’re still five issues away from the conclusion…and we may yet be in store for another twist…after all I didn’t expect that the extinction team will be empowered by the Phoenix. BUT…the direction of the Bendis written X-Book (gag by the way) doesn’t bode well (it focuses on the original five x-Men I think), not to mention the cancellation of Uncanny. BUT, this may just be a feint…maybe the original X-Men will be the focus of the first arc but then it will turn into something else. IN any case, has anyone else read AvX #4? Emma beating down Thor was so SATISFYING….and the call back to when she was shattered in New X-Men was awesome too…only this time she reformed herself (yes, with the help of the Phoenix…but still).

  • http://www.facebook.com/plagua Patrick Lagua

    Sigh…it would be thematically fitting too…Scott loses another love of his life…who’s a telepath…to the Phoenix…but then maybe Jean and Emma can finally reconcile in the White Hot room.

  • jc1968

    Yes we should not jump to conclusions until the saga is over. When I saw AVX 11′s cover page I thought Emma was regaining her senses and she was attacking scott until I read AVX 7. Now it seems that the Phoenix force enhances people’s personalities. He is a boyscout who wants to bring about Prof X’s dream and she is at heart a manipulator. The question now is what is Peter’s true nature? True the Marvel writers may want to redeem Scott because they have taken him too far and sacraficing Emma and maybe even Namor as the true villians of AVX in the end is Cyke’s road back. This might even lead to a Cyclops and Logan team up. Marvel may also make Cyclops a full blooded villian leading to another scott logan smackdown. I am guessing AVX will end with Hope and the lights taking the Phoenix force and rebooting mutantkind. Either Emma or Cyclops will be the fifth light. We do not see a reboot Emma yet so things do not look good for her. I can’t wait to see how the secondary x books are going to be like after the non reboot. Legacy and New Mutants are cancelled and Uncanny will be the original five. X-Factor and Wolvie & the Xmen will probably be the same. So what is up with Astonishing, X-Force, and X-Men (V4)? Which book would Cyclops go to? My guess would be that he will lead the XM (V4) strikeforce along with reboot Cable. Storm would then rejoin Avenger or teach at Wolvie’s school like she wanted.