Unlock Emma Frost: ‘Long Live the Queen’ in Avengers Alliance

Updated: Added the full lists of tasks with descriptions.

After getting attention for her character models and the announcement at SDCC, Emma Frost is now available as a playable character in the Avengers Alliance Facebook game.

You must complete 25 tasks in the Long Live the Queen spec ops mission in order to recruit Emma Frost as part of your team. The mission is available from July 24th to August 19th.

Emma Frost is a team-up member in the spec ops mission, so players will be able to use her (in the mission) before they fully unlock the character.

Modern Emma Frost Stats

Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost stats Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost gear Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost gear


Diamond Body: Chance to predict the next attack, taking less damage and removing most harmful effects.
Health: 159 (2/5) | Stamina: 177 (3/5) | Attack: 39 (4/5) | Defense: 39 (4/5) | Accuracy: 35 (3/5) | Evasion: 32 (2/5)


Psychic Tap (Lvl 1) | War Diamond (Lvl 2) | Unlock Potential (Lvl 6) | Mental Trauma (Lvl 9)


Born wealthy and priveleged, Emma Frost didn’t need her mutant powers to succeed in the world, but she still took advantage of them. Her telepathic powers won her an invitation to the notorious Hellfire Club, where she rose in rank to become the White Queen. There she started a school for mutants and clashed with the X-Men with her contentious curriculum. After a tragedy that killed most of her students, Emma decided that teaching for the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and joining the X-Men was a better use of her gifts.

Long Live the Queen Tasks List

The lists of tasks are very Emma-centric and definitely a nod to us Emma fans. Several Hellfire guards await in battle, as well as someone named PHOEBE SENTINEL.
Avengers Alliance: Spec Ops 2 mission

  1. All the Queen’s Men: Defeat 5 Hellfire Club soldiers.
    Where: Mission 1
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 10G
  2. Castling with Queenside Rook: Complete a Deploy.
    Where: Deploys can be completed in non spec-ops missions.
    Reward: 1000S
    Skip: 10G
  3. The World’s Social Elite: Defeat 5 Hellfire Elite.
    Where: Mission 1
    Reward: 200XP + unlocks Spec Ops Mission 2.
    Skip: 10G
  4. The White Queen: Use Emma Frost in Combat.
    Where: Mission 1.
    Reward: 2000 silver
    Skip: 10G
  5. Immovable Object: Defeat the Blob.
    Where: Mission 1
    Reward: EMP Grenade Schematics Research and 1 CP
    Skip: 10G
  6. How I Learned to Stop Worrying: Research EMP Grenade in the Lab
    Where: Research Lab. Takes 8 hours to complete.
    Requires: 60 ISO-8, 100 silver and 8 hours.
    Reward: EMP grenade.
    Skip: 20G.
  7. Invitation Only: Complete 2 stars of mastery in Mission 1.
    Reward: 1 CP
    Skip: 10G
  8. Unstable Containment: Get 10 Unstable Isotope-8.
    Where: Receive ISO-8 gifts from friends.
    Reward: 1000S
    Skip: 10G
  9. Breaking the Mold Defeat 10 Sentinels.
    Where: Mission 2
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 10G
  10. Uncanny X-Men: Take one or more X-Men into battle twice.
    Reward: Mindbreaker research and 2000S
    Skip: 10G
  11. Mind Games: Upgrade Mindbreaker to Mindkiller in the Lab.
    Requires: 80 U-ISO-8, 200 silver and 30 hours.
    Reward: 80XP
    Skip: 20G
  12. Rook, Knight, Bishop: Complete 3 deploys.
    Where: Deploys can be completed in non spec ops missions.
    Reward: 3000S
  13. More Human Than Human: Defeat Omega Sentinel.
    Where: Boss of Mission 2.
    Reward: Mission 3 unlocked.
    Skip: 10G
  14. EMP-ulsive Actions: Use 5 EMP grenades in combat.
    Where: Can be purchased in store after researching them. Can be used in non spec ops missions.
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 10G
  15. Council of the Chosen: Get 2 stars of mastery in Mission 2.
    Reward: Skullsplitter Research and 100XP
    Skip: 10G
  16. Skull and Crossbones: Upgrade Skullsplitter to Skullripper in the Lab.
    Requires: 120 UISO-8, 48 hours and 300S to complete.
    Skip: 20G
  17. Immoral Acts: Defeat 10 Beta level test subjects.
    Where: Mission 3.
    Reward: 100XPSkip: 10G
  18. Brain Freeze: Use Emma Frost’s Psychic Tap ability three times.
    Where: She is a team-up member in several mini-boss and boss fights.
    Reward: 3000S
    Skip:: 10G
  19. Astonishing X-Men: Take one or more X-Men into battle 5 times.
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 10G
  20. Headmistress Frost: Use Emma Frost’s Unlock Potential ability three times.
    Where: She’s a team-up again.
    Reward: The Rook and 4000S
    Skip: 10G
  21. Danger Room: Complete 3 PVP battles.
    Requires: Unlock PVP battles in Chapter 1, Mission 4 of Story Mode.
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 50G
  22. Unstoppable Force: Defeat Juggernaut.
    Where: Boss of Mission 3.
    Reward: 1 CP
    Skip: 10G
  23. Intrusive Thoughts: Use Emma Frost’s Mental Trauma ability three times.
    Where: Emma is a team-up in boss fights.
    Reward: 5000 silver
    Skip: 50G
  24. The Inner Circle: Complete 3 stars of mastery in all 3 Spec Ops missions.
    Reward: 100XP
    Skip: 50G
  25. Checkmate: Defeat Mystique. She is an Epic Boss in Mission 3.
    Requirements: You will need to deploy Colossus, Phoenix and Scarlet Witch when the opportunities arise in Mission 3.
    Reward: EMMA FROST!!!!
    Skip: 50G

Important Mission Notes

  • You will need Scarlet Witch, Colossus and Jean Grey to deploy in Mission 3 to unlock the final boss battle (Mystique).
  • 3 star mastery in all 3 missions is required, but you can work ahead and get the master done before the game calls for the task.
  • You can save ISO by deploying heroes in non spec ops mission (except for the Mission 3 final boss unlock).
  • Some players have reported that they needed to fight Mystique to unlock Emma Frost, so losing the battle could work too.
  • Indysysyve and the Avengers Alliance Wikia have wonderful guides for completing the Emma Frost quest at Playdom’s forum and here.

    So what are you waiting for? Go play the game and tell us how much fun you’re having!


  • Kemendraugh

    I am having SO much fun :D She’s a joy to have in the game I’ve already enjoyed for some time now. And she’s snarky and bossy and AWESOME. I’m FRANTIC that I won’t be strong enough to get her!! Must…play…more…

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    This Spec Ops 2 is hard because,the final task requires you to get colossus,jean grey and scarlet witch to fight mystique and they have stopped all CP dropping during fights,so unless you have those characters or a huge amount of money its not worth it,even though i was really excited to try to get Emma.But I hope playdom changes it since a lot of people are complaining about it….so sad now. =(

    • Khino

      Well, last special ops they made it easier when they saw it was impossible for casual players. It’s been a while since I last played the game, I don’t know how the CP drop works now, but keep doing the tasks, if it is that hard they’ll dumb the mission down in a few days.

    • http://www.facebook.com/allan.m.hanson Allan Muñoz Hanson

      u gotta play mission 1.1 to get comand points. it’s just 3 battles and i have the chance 2 get the command points. i’ve got CP that way, just today i got the 48 CP to get Phoenix. do it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/countrobgrenzeback Rob Grenzeback

        mission 1.1? long live the queen? or the pulse? please reply asap

        • Penonton Opera Politik

          the pulse. u can use the leethax firefox extention (if u have never used it)
          there is a reward preview and u can know what reward will u get after defeating main boss

          if the reward are not 5cp, u can abort mission and start the misson again

        • Penonton Opera Politik

          warning. do not use the battle option
          u might get banned from the PvP

      • http://www.facebook.com/jeffreyscottlucas Jeff Lucas

        Please, Allan, When you say mission 1.1 are you talking about spec ops 002 long live the queen 1.1 Shakedown with the Blob or story chapter 1 the pulse, mission 1, the hydra’s tail? erm, same question as posted by rob grenzeback :)

    • Yu Chee Sheng

      Do u get emma frost??

      • Zi

        If you finish the last task

    • Zi

      Ikr it is really hard I wish they changed the requirements for the last task

    • allan

      Yeah.. Agree with you, It’s so hard to complete the final task, because I need more than 100 CP to recruit them in deploy mission.

    • http://www.facebook.com/agus.mutaqien Agus Mutaqien


  • inyaki01

    sheesh, im still trying to complete “long live the queen.” but i love her “potential unleashed” and “war diamond” powers

  • Sebas

    This shit’s too freaking hard >:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/allan.m.hanson Allan Muñoz Hanson

    to get more Command points just play the very first mission again and again, it’s just 3 battles to get a chance 4 command points. in 30 minutes u can get bettwen 15 and 20 CP. i’m about to get Ema Frost. i just need time,cos to get some upgrades u gotta wait 2 days. but this has been so freaking easy to me. really easy!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/edward.v.torres.9 Edward Veneno Torres

      what level are you talking about???

      • Cj

        Hydra tail

  • Yu Chee Sheng

    I can’t get so much command point!!!I hope they can change the last tasks!!!

  • Laís

    What we have to do in the last task (checkmate)?

    • http://www.facebook.com/dedaustres Ricardo Soto

      in the juggernaut mission u need to unlock the epic battle, u need scarlet withc, colosus and jean grey

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.v.torres.9 Edward Veneno Torres

    im on the last two task…I already got a three star mastery in two out of the three levels =D Just wish I could get some more unstable iso…But yeah Ima have Emma within the next three days!!! wish me luck XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    I got her,she is a very powerful heroes who focuses on buffing and debuffing…can’t believe I got her,and after spec ops 2 they will release her phoenix five costume :) someone needs to check avx 9 they turning Emma evil. :(

  • ES

    I’m stuck on “The White Queen” task. It’s telling me to “use Emma Frost in combat” but I haven’t unlocked her yet. It’s asking for 10 gold – is that what I have to do to win the task? Pay gold?

    • Zod

      Fight any of the “Team-up” missions with her in episode 1 of the Spec. Ops. That will finish the task.


      BUT if you play emma with team up.. pls dont use ur other 2 hero’s ability.. coz emma frost 1st skill can kill juggernaut in only 1 skill.. so make ur own strategy..but i think i dont have the chance to get emma frost..im on 23/25 i have only colusos.. still 13more days.. ISO and ENERGY is my PROBLEM.. so sad

    • http://www.facebook.com/dragonkk93 Chen Jin Xian

      just kill the boss in the spesial opp emma willcome out de

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    I love Emma’s quote when you fight Mystique,it’s,”They say impersonation is the most sincere form of flattery well consider this my ‘thank you’”,typical Emma :) tip on the CP farming play the Pulse Ch 1.1 and fight Viper.Good Luck

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffreyscottlucas Jeff Lucas

    Someone who is past me please help me understand: if I do a task before I have gotten to it, will I get task complete once I get to it or will I have to do it again? I know the star mastery works out okay but – I am currently on Skull and Crossbones, task 16, researching to upgrade skullsplitter to skullripper – that will not be done til Tuesday night – 35 hours, 30 minutes til research complete. So … since I have the task list at http://forum.playdom.com/showthread.php?126209&p=1320131#post1320131 which tells me that task 17 is to Defeat 10 Beta level test subjects. my question is: If I defeat them now, will I get a check mark –
    Can I work ahead? that is the question … does anyone know?

    • http://www.facebook.com/edward.v.torres.9 Edward Veneno Torres

      no u cant unfortunately

  • reko

    i can’t complete the last task checkmate pls i need some help 50 gold is a huge amount of money


      hey dude.. how to complete checkmate mission 25/25?? i am now in 23/25, almost theire.. just got colusos.. bt scarlet witch and jean grey.. uhhhh!!! so hard to recruite… 13more days

  • http://www.facebook.com/rich.mchugh.16 Rich McHugh

    I can’t get past the hellfire commander and the rhea sentinels. I keep getting iso 8 corruption. How do I prevent this anyone know?

  • Tom

    Do you have to get 5 stars in Long Live the Queen in order to fight the epic boss? I just recruited Colossus, and have had Pheonix and Scarlet Witch, but I don’t have enough ISO’s to finish it up today, I’m at about 3 stars

  • http://twitter.com/Elfanno Lucky Elfanno

    I have finished shake down task (5 stars) and sentinel task (2 stars). but the weapon bar stuck in EMP grenade schematics. how to increase my weapon bar to get emma frost?

    • Wind

      Simple. go research the grenade. be warned though, that’s gonna cost a lotta iso…

    • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.kosasih Nicholas Kosasih

      you have to collect 50 iso 8 everyday, from another account. then on your other account, send 50 iso 8 to your real account that is what i do. im on the inner circle task and i have managed to do enough surveys, i can get 50 gold.
      Do that everyday.Then research. done!


    WEW almost thier.. missing 19 of 25… wtf.. recruite colusos , jean grey, and scarlet witch?? waaaaaaaaaaah i think i have no chance to get emma frost.. by the way guys.. tip to get iso.. create another FB then get marvel application.. then send gift ISO to ur real account.. thats what i go.. i have no problem of having ISO.. its just i get 50 ISO a day.. GIFT LIMIT always.. hahaha but trust me it could help…

  • http://www.facebook.com/dragonkk93 Chen Jin Xian

    i play in facebook but in mission 24/25 i cannot find mystique can anyone help me email me at chen930121@hotmail.com

  • jon

    what is the last Tasks to get emma frost?
    how can find out mystuiqe to kill her and to finish my tasks?

  • jay

    i have no scarlet witch and colossus

  • http://www.facebook.com/cedric.sarmiento.3 Cedric Sarmiento

    can i still get emma frost when i battle mystique in story mode???

    • Isabanana

      No i tried :(

  • poborsky

    I have just completed the last task and i got Emma Frost, even I lost the battle against Mystique. I managed to kill her once but lost the battle, anyway i got Emma Frost.
    I got the CP necessary to get Scarlet Witch and Phoenix by using the bonus preview with Leethax plug-in. Other way i find it almost impossible to unlock Emma Frost if you dont have all the needed heroes to deploy.

  • JDKhor

    Why i had all the requires hero colossus,jean grey and scarlet witch deployed and i still didn’t yet see the final boss(mystique) could anyone please tell me?Thanks…

  • http://www.facebook.com/agus.mutaqien Agus Mutaqien

    this mission killing me…just 2 task ahead and ihave no more iso or comand points left… :( so sad…

  • http://www.facebook.com/leesimon09 Simon Emmanuel Lee

    I agree