New Emma Frost t-shirts from We Love Fine

Mighty Fine has concocted MINIMALIST and NOSE ART tees featuring EMMA FROST. The minimalist t-shirt is part of their new “Minimal” line, while the White Queen t-shirt comes in colors charcoal, light blue and royal.

Minimal Emma Frost ($25)

We Love Fine: Minimal Emma Frost

White Queen Nose Art ($25)

Mighty Fine: White Queen Nose Art


  • Niklas B

    They both look quite nice.

    But how is the quality of the shirts themselves? Anyone ever tried one out?

  • Quinn

    I’ve ordered 3 shirts from I’ve been very happy with the quality of them and they hold up quite well in the wash. The only complaint is the insanely long delivery time. I usually get my package 30+ days after I place the order.

    • Aimee

      I’m thinking about buying one too. What are the prints like? Do they have a “plastic” feel to it or are they part of the material? Thanks!