Marvel Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost character models posted character models of the new characters announced at SDCC ’12 for the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook game. EMMA FROST will be a regular, playable character as well as part of the Phoenix Five Spec Ops mission.

Here are the character sheets for her two costumes! No release date has been announced, but the Phoenix Five mission is coming this fall, so we can expect her character to be out sometime before or around then!

Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost costume

Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost Phoenix costume


  • TonezBalonez

    I’m liking the hair, it’s like she’s getting ready to go out to party… woo!

  • Niklas B

    Did they really have to make the Phoenix Five costume even more revealing? Otherwise it looks quite good.

    • Dhaval Mishra

      I’m looking forward to the rewards that may be in store for the phoenix five members. (Just like the avengers got the coordinated attack and defense)

  • Inyaki01

    Love the regular costume! I want her in my team!

  • Sebas

    Aren’t you uploading the news of Emma beating the hell out of that stupid sissy Thor?

  • angel

    can you make the cape more longer it’s just too short. i like the all white costume, the original.

  • Khino

    Another game news for Emma. I don’t play Super Hero Squad Online, but my cousin does and he told me her card quests were released. Beating the quests give you new Emma cards.

  • Mikey

    The Special Ops to unlock her is now available for 25 days!

  • nick

    how to complete the mision the white quen , use emma forst in combat

    • Dhaval Mishra

      Boss battles where Emma teams up with you.
      Or, use gold to skip that particular task.

  • d

    you could imagine if that gold costume got suddenly damaged. especially near the crotch area. :|

  • mogen

    i like the old one than the new