New Emma Frost HeroClix: White Queen and diamond forms!

WizKid Games announced they’re releasing 2 new EMMA FROST HeroClix — both in her White Queen and diamond forms! She will be part of Marvel HeroClix’s 10th Anniversary set that comes out this AUGUST. She is one of the twelve characters to be featured in this particular set!

The White Queen and diamond form set allows players to transform the character into her more modern form through the “Battlefield Promotion” mechanic. Her White Queen version is 62 points, while her diamond form version is 114 points. The latter version is categorized as part of the Brotherhood of Mutants and the X-Men. Players can then interchange her from villain to hero.

In the past HeroClix has released other Emma Frost figures, such as another diamond form from Mutations and Monsters #53 and the Astonishing X-Men version.

On their blog they posted a special analysis of Emma Frost’s stats and some really high quality photos, so check it out.

White Queen HeroClix

Emma Frost White Queen HeroClix Emma Frost White Queen HeroClix, Front Card Emma Frost White Queen HeroClix, Back Card

Diamond Form HeroClix

Emma Frost Diamond HeroClix Emma Frost Diamond HeroClix, Front Card Emma Frost Diamond HeroClix, Back Card


  • Niklas B

    Hm, seems to have been many Emma Frosts added to games recently.

    There Avengers Alliance, Marvel Heroes and now this one. I think the first is a FB game, MH is a free MMO (or maybe MMORG?).

    What kind of game is this?

    • Khino

      Yeah, Avengers Alliance is a FB game, and MH will be a free to play
      MMORPG (kinda like Diablo). I’m pumped for MH, one of Diablo’s creators
      is helping develop the game, big chances of it being a great, GREAT
      game. Was she announced for AA? A friend of mine who plays the game told
      me earlier today the latest character added to the game was Scarlet

      Heroclix is a tabletop game that uses collectible miniatures. The
      players place their characters on opposing sides of a map, and the first
      one to knock all of the opponent’s team out is the winner. Each
      miniature has a dial on its base that is rotated (or “clicked”, which is
      why it’s called heroclix) every time it suffers damage. There’s a hole
      on the base (you can see it on the images Aimee posted), through which
      the stats on the dial appear. When a character gets a click, new stats
      and abilities appear on the dial, until it is finally KOed.

      The number shown at the top of the dial is the number of squares the
      character can move per turn, the second one is their attack, the third
      is their defense. I only played the game once, so I can’t remember what
      the last number indicates… The small red number above the last one
      only indicates the position of the dial, all characters start with their
      dial set on 1.

      Sometimes, behind the number there is a colored square (most of the
      numbers on the images shown have those, but that’s just because this
      character is from a special set), indicating an special ability. For
      example, if you look at the card that comes with the Diamond Emma
      miniature, you’ll see there’s a blue movement ability called “Follow me,
      child”. And, if you look at her first click, you’ll see there’s an 8
      with a blue square. That means, if you choose to move Diamond Emma when
      her dial is on its starting position, you can move her any number from 1
      to 8 squares and then use the “Follow me, child’ ability.

      It looks difficult when someone explains it, but it’s not a hard game to play (but it’s still a very complex game).

      • Niklas B

        Thanks for the explanation!

        So a real old fashioned game. Did not expect that in these all-digital times!

        • Khino

          You’re welcome :)

  • airdreams

    It’s time to start playing!!!!!

  • inyaki01

    looks awesome!
    by the way i read online that marvel announced at SDCC that they’re making a 3.75 figure of Emma Frost (finally!) for their Marvel Universe line.
    you can check the news and check the photos here:

    • Khino

      Thanks, I was wondering when she would show up on this line.

      • Inyaki01

        Same here! Ive been waiting for a long time! I cant believe it took them this long to make a 3.75 fig of her.i bet there’s a diamond form variant of her