[Screenshots] Emma Frost gameplay in ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance’

Resident fan TONY has already unlocked EMMA FROST as part of his Marvel: Avengers Alliance lineup, so here are some screenshots of Emma in action.

Emma Frost, Avengers Alliance: Hellfire Club

Emma Frost: Do you trust me?

Emma Frost: Blob mission dialogue, 01

Emma Frost: Blob mission dialogue, 02

Emma Frost: Blob mission dialogue, 03

Psychic Tap

Emma Frost, Avengers Alliance: Psychic Tap

War Diamond

Emma Frost, Avengers Alliance: War Diamond

Unlock Potential

Possibly a reference to when she unlocked Iceman’s power potential in the Generation X years!
Emma Frost, Avengers Alliance: Unlock Potential

Mental Trauma

Avengers Alliance: Mental Trauma


The stats are relative to the character’s level, but posted below are the feats that come with each power.

Unlock Potential stats Psychic Tap stats War Diamond stats


  • Niklas B


    Since I personally have no intention of playing any facebook games it’s nice to see some screenshots.

  • Inyaki01

    I love it when she flips her cape after kicking some ass in diamond form!

  • Khino

    Ugh, only Emma and a few others would make me go back to play a facebook game. She looks and plays great!

    Ha, on the recruit screen, instead of a button saying “recruit”, like for the other heroes, it says “Impress her”. Very nice! After 10 years seeing her being such a pivotal characters and still being left out of many games, it’s so good to see 3 whole chapters dedicated to her.

    • Aimee

      Hah! I found that funny too.

      I’ve had to cave into signing up for things to get gold. I don’t know how anyone can complete this without the use of gold.

      • Khino

        Yep, I was lucky I used to play the game before, so I had about 50 gold with me just out of the level ups.

        If you’re an older player all you need is patience, stocking Unstable ISOs from the daily gifts. But if you’re a newcomer… things change drastically, mainly for the 3 heroes requested to get to the epic boss. Seriously, Scarlet Witch? She’s 90 cp, and from what I’ve noticed cp doesn’t drop from enemies like before.

        • Aimee

          Well, feel free to add me on FB. I need more pilots and ISO!

          • Book

            What is your FB name

          • Khino

            I just got her! This game is actually pretty good, but I don’t see myself playing very often once I get her to lv 9 (which unlocks all of her powers).

            Which FB account you use to play, Aimee? Emmafrostfiles’ or your own (the one that’s on your other site)?

          • Aimee

            I don’t think you can play FB games through a FB page, but it’s the personal one you can add.

        • Book

          True I’m a newbie and I bought wolverine and luke cage before the event starts and now i only got 4 CP So if i waited for a bit i can have emma frost!!! Well I’ve got 13 gold and maybe i can have phoenix but i dont think i can get scarlet with in the limited time

        • http://www.facebook.com/jorgepanizo Jorge Luis Panizo

          hey, what is it about 3 heroes requested? which heroes are they? feel free to add me on fb, i’m on level 64

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    I got Emma Frost a few days ago and her dossier got unlocked,i have screenshots of her bio.There are mistakes like the fact there is hereditary mutation in Emma’s family ie. Adrienne and Cordelia. To those that are trying to get Emma do Ch 1.1 the Pulse and keep spamming the first mission against Viper there is a chance to get CP and get Phoenix,Colossus and Scarlet Witch for the final task,or you can skip it for 50 gold.On a side-note in AVX 9 Emma is turning evil,hope this is not another dark phoenix saga but my bets are cyclops is the one who gets the phoenix and Emma will stop him,just my theory and good luck to everyone on getting Emma she is worth it + I havent lost a single batte with her on my team. :)

    • Aimee

      Wow, awesome!! Thanks for the info. I guess I haven’t unlocked her dossier, so I’ll have to check it out.