AvX #7 Commentary: Fraction reveals Emma Frost’s motivations

There was speculation Emma Frost was heading to the dark side again when she revealed Transonic’s location — a revelation that prompted Namor to declare war and suddenly attack Wakanda to wipe out the Avengers.

It turns out her motivations weren’t so sinister after all. Matt Fraction says her passion has always been protecting and teaching mutants, so she’s going to do what she wants to protect them.

CBR: What’s going on with Emma Frost in this scene? Why is she acting like Lady Macbeth and winding Namor up?

Fraction: This picks up something I seeded in my “Uncanny X-Men” run and always meant to get back to, but I had to leave before I could revisit it. Emma has always been about protecting and training mutants at all costs — from the earliest days of the character onwards, that’s always been what drives her and motivates her to do absolutely everything. She’s out to teach, protect and save as many mutants as possible. That trumps everything else in her life. She’s sacrificed everything she is, everything she has, historically, to protect mutants.

This is what we’re seeing here. She agrees with Namor and thinks Scott is being obstinate. Plus she knows how to push Namor’s buttons to get him to do what she wants him to do. In this case, she wants him to be proactive and keep mutants safe. That means taking out the Avengers by any means necessary.


Avengers vs X-Men #7: Emma Frost and Namor


  • Niklas B

    Also this:

    “With this issue, I basically had to set up the end
    of the second act. All this stuff has to be lined up and everything has
    to be calibrated just so to make the rest of the story work, and going
    into this, we didn’t have all the answers. I had sort of been pointing
    out that we didn’t have the answers, but there was a feeling of “we’ll
    figure it out.” As it turned out, though, I had to figure it all out in
    this issue!”

    If this was just the needed last-minute setup for issue #8 her manipulations might not even be mentioned anymore! But it will probably not be that haphazard. I wouldn’t expect to see anymore of Transonic in AvX at least, lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/plagua Patrick Lagua

    I just don’t like this portrayal of Emma, indeed of any of the Phoenix 5…issue seven and eight read like character assasination of the X-Men to me…Emma is a cunning telepath…and now with the power of the Phoenix, perhaps there was a more subtle way to secure Transonic’s release?