Thor vs Emma Frost in ‘Avengers vs X-Men’ #5 announced

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso, revealed that Thor and Emma Frost will duke it out in “Avengers vs X-Men” #5.

Fan questions for the week had a strong thread of “AvX” supporting cast members to them, starting as Drew@616 asks, “Will Spider-Woman have a AvX VS issue? Now that Seems Marvel give a opportunities female characters Have Marvel plans about her?”

Alonso: Sorry, Drew@616, Spider-Woman isn’t featured in any of the “AvX Versus” issues, but she does have a central role in “New Avenger #28,” which is an AvX tie-in issue. That said, if you’re hankering for a throw down between two formidable female characters, check out the Black Widow/Magik fight in issue #4. And then there’s the Psylocke/Daredevil fight and the Emma Frost/Thor fight in issue #5. And the Storm/Black Panther fight in #6. And the…oops, we haven’t announced that yet.


(Not sure why the question was formed that way in the article…)

Can Emma Frost take on a god?

Emma Frost vs Thor

It should be interesting to see Emma Frost face the God of Thunder. Will Emma have to resort to diamond form if his “godliness” allows himself telepathic immunity? Or will she simply crush him with a single thought?

But, hey, let’s not forget that Emma Frost ousted Jesus Christ’s intellect [image] on Comic Vine’s user rankings…

Although the battle isn’t in the preview, you can view the “Avengers vs X-Men” #5 preview via CBR here.


  • Shark

    She’s bbe Phoenixed up.

    • TonezBalonez

      That’ll be nice! 

  • Niklas B

    This is likely a Phoenix-Emma going both by the hidden cover and others.

    Which makes it less interesting, I would prefer to see plain Emma against Thor (assuming he’s not invulnerable to telepathy, but he’s been affected before so that should not have been a problem).

    Phoenix-Emma might even be a thrall of the Phoenix as it seems several Avengers and the whole Kree planet were in the Secret Avengers AvX arc. But maybe it will act differently when it comes to earth.

    • Shark

      Emma managed to incapacitate Herc with a psychic blast during that Spiderman tie-in story, so it’s possible she could do the same to Thor if she applies greater effort.

  • Carri Nation

    Regardless–Emma *is* a goddess!

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  • Niklas B

    New variant cover for the VS issue. Looks kinda neat!

    This fight is also handled by Kaare Andrews who did the outrageous designs for Xenogensis. Will be interesting to see what he makes up for this.

    • Aimee


  • DanielT

    Moondragon was able to dominate Thor telepathically. Even without the Phoenix, that precedent gives other highly skilled telepaths a shot.