Phoenix Force’s (possible) simultaneous targets

Christos Gage weighed in on the Avengers vs X-Men ordeal at CBR’s X-Position. Attached is the fully revealed cover to “X-Men: Legacy” #268 by Mark Brooks. The image next to it is the unrevealed version on Marvel’s website.

X-Men: Legacy 268 cover by Mark Brooks Unrevealed X-Men: Legacy 268 cover

Hmm…wonder what this could spell out.

Oh, and it looks like Emma is wearing some new threads!


  • Niklas B

    Looks like the whole Extinction team (those on the moon) will get the Phoenix to me. Or the Phoenix gets them perhaps.

  • airdreams

    well I have to say that watching the whole team will get the stupid force makes me feel better…

    • Niklas B

      Now Hope just have to go get some of that Iron Fist training so she learn to handle it and finish her task :)

      With some help from Scarlet Witch.

      • airdreams

        I guess it makes the phoenix five the real “villains” now…..

        • Niklas B

          Might well be the case. Sounds like it according to future solicits at least.


          The swerve of the Phoenix Five was hatched a year ago during a Marvel retreat at writer Brian Michael Bendis’ house in Portland, Ore., and Brevoort says that none of the five — who all wear snazzy, matching Phoenix duds — were chosen haphazardly.

          “There’s a specific reason it resonates that it would be these five,” Alonso
          confirms. “It has to do with what our master plan for these characters
          has been for some time.”

          • Dez K

             Wow…. TOTALLY out of left field. I give Marvel props for this… if it does really print. Seriously… as i was reading through all the AVX titles… all i kept thinking was “oh here we go again… Hope is gonna get the Phoenix, the queue stale story arcs” this is definitely a new twist.

  • Mikey

    Not gonna lie…. I hate these new costumes. Emma’s been possessed by the Phoenix before and still looked a hell-a lot better than she does right now…. and it has been shown that all Phoenix hosts have the same costume with different colour schemes (White Hot Room), so these just seem kind’a random…

  • Carri Nation

    Change is good and Emma is constantly evolving.