Vote for Emma Frost at the Minimates Toys ‘R’ Us Fan Poll

The top four characters with the most votes will receive their own Avengers vs X-Men minimates by Toys “R” Us and Diamond Select Toys. EMMA FROST is among the selection of Cyclops, Colossus, Iron Man, Protector and Scarlet Witch.

Emma Frost (Phoenix Force Version) Description

Powerful psychic Emma Frost has been a superhero with the X-Men, and a supervillain as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Now under the control of the galaxy-scouring Phoenix Force, she has become a living goddess.

Vote now! Avengers vs X-Men: Toys 'R' Us Minimates

So, GO VOTE FOR HER at the Minimates 2012 Toys “R” Us Fan Poll and then spread the word!

Update: Here’s Emma Frost’s design sheet from their press release!

Emma Frost: Minimate design sheet


  • Rheged

    What?  No Phoenix Namor?  Instead we get Protector?  I’m so voting for Emma!

    • Niklas B

       Blame the Avengers. Always butts in where they are neither wanted nor needed ;)

  • Tony Alexander

    Where are our toys?!

  • inyaki01

    ive got bad news guys. emma didnt make the cut. scarlet witch, protector, iron man & phoenix five cyclops won.