Emma Frost fan polls are back!

Update Yay! It works.
Trying to fix the cache. It’s not coinciding with the plugin very well. :(

The Phoenix Five: Emma Frost, Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Magick

Remember those old polls I had up a few years ago and then they suddenly disappeared? Well, I’m reopening them since this theme allows more flexibility. The most recent poll will be displayed only on the frontpage so that we don’t overcrowd the sidebar. :)

Below is the first poll, so go vote since it’s always interesting to get an idea about what fans are thinking!

Emma Frost in AvX!

[poll id="8"]


  • Khino

    Oh, nice! That’s a great feature.

    Can’t really vote on this one though, as I’ve been watching AvX from a distance.

    • Aimee

      So your answer would be “I don’t know”? :)

      • Khino

        Yeah, but I plan on reading it sometime soon, so I prefer to wait a little before I vote ;)

  • Niklas B

    There have been some really nice covers. Or will be at least.

    The story itself hasn’t really grabbed me so far, but it looks to get better on that front too. Hopefully.

  • airdreams

    I enjoyed the story until Emma got the
    Phoenix Force. But it could get better down the road perhaps, so my answer is the
    third one.

  • Sebastian

    I love emma to death

  • airdreams

    Now I can say I f**king hate it!

  • http://twitter.com/UncannyMind Julian

    No ! She doesn’t play a big part so far… I hope she’s going to take down some Avengers with Namor :)