Avengers vs X-Men: The ‘Phoenix Five’ takes over the internet

The Phoenix Five: Emma Frost, Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Magick The X-Men’s recent transformation into the Phoenix Force, dubbed the “Phoenix Five,” in Avengers vs X-Men #5 broke news across several mainstream media sites, particularly USA Today.

Matt Fraction reveals in the article that the triangle of Emma Frost, Cyclops and Namor — which has been in development since 2009 — will get a lot more complicated as the “Avengers vs X-Men” story progresses.

The triangle of Cyclops, Namor and Emma Frost also will twist and get a lot messier.

“Stories we’ve been building to for an awful long time, the kettles are starting to boil and this kind of power bestowed on the three of them — on top of their already complicated interpersonal stuff — makes for some real fireworks, emotionally and literally,” says Fraction, who also is scripting AvX issue 7.

Furthermore, the conclusion to this Marvel event will have polarizing opinions among readers, and Marvel is not afraid to make some readers mad.

“It comes down to heart, grit, stamina — just the will to win,” he says. “When it comes to that endgame, it’s about what are people willing to win, and the most fascinating stories are always ones which you challenge the reader to think differently.

“What we’re willing to do, where we’re willing to go with the material, there will be people (ticked off) at what we’re willing to do at the end of this act.

Emma Frost, the Phoenix Force and the Phoenix Five

Some of us were almost positive Emma Frost would be getting the Phoenix Force — and we were somewhat right — but it is quite a monkey wrench that her other teammates got the Phoenix Force, too. This could reduce the risk of whatever bad things may happen to her.

The Emma Frost vs Thor battle, as mentioned by Axel Alonso, did not happen in the VS issue #5 either (it will happen in #4). Instead in AvX #5, she battled Hawkeye, who shot a useless fire arrow at her diamond form.

Emma has a long history with the Phoenix Force. She first met it in Uncanny X-Men when it inhabited Jean Grey. Emma encountered the Phoenix Force again in New X-Men when Jean forced Emma to relive some of her most painful memories to find out what happened to her and Cyclops in Hong Kong. The Phoenix Force returned again in Endsong and Warsong. Emma promised at the end of Warsong that it would have to deal with her if it ever returned.