‘Marvel Heroes’ free-to-play MMO to be released

Emma Frost will be a playable character in another MMO released by Gazillion Entertainment (Super Hero Squad Online) and Secret Identity Studios: “Marvel Heroes.”

The game will be a full-fledged MMORPG with boss loots, trading posts and quests, but it won’t be an aimless one with hours of grinding. Drawing inspiration from “Diablo,” a main story by Brian Michael Bendis will accompany the gameplay, powered by Unreal Engine 3 graphics — and it’s all free to play.

IGN reports the game has access to all Marvel characters with the ability to switch between heroes.

Switching heroes isn’t instantaneous, though, so if in the middle of a boss fight you realize the all Iron Man approach isn’t really cutting it and decide to bring in Emma Frost, you’ll need to wait for a long channeling time until she shows up.


“Marvel Heroes” has not officially released Emma Frost on their heroes list, but here is the trailer with, YES, a glimpse of Emma Frost.


According to IGN, there is no official release date, but we can be sure that the MMO is coming.

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  • Khino

    That’s great! I’ve been waiting for news on this game.
    Nice catch Aimee!

    It is great that the developers made a point to have the official characters playable. However, I’ve read somewhere else that in every server or channel there will be only one of each hero. I also read there will be various costumes for the characters, and that the costumes would represent heroes from alternate realities, so that it is possible for two Wolverines to be played at the same time, but only one of them will be “our” Wolverine.
    Hope that really happens, and am curious as to what Emma’s other selves will be if that’s the case.

    So pumped to read it resembles Diablo. Watching the trailer a second time, it even looks a bit darker than the usual Marvel games. Kicking ass with Emma Frost, Diablo-style, I can see myself spending more time on this than I should ;)

    • Aimee

      One character for every server? That could get very pricey for them if millions of people end up playing the game, plus they’d have to create thousands of characters to let a good amount of players in the room — and then who is going to play the D-lister? I could imagine so many servers up because everyone wants to be Wolverine… I hope that is not the case! I want to create an Emma Frost club where we raid everyone! 

      I like Super Hero Squad Online because there could be a hundred Emma Frosts running around (and it’s very funny to see). It would be really cool to have leaderboards where you can filter by characters which show the top users playing that character!

      I have never played Diablo, but it sounds like Dante’s Inferno. So, the multi-layered story should be cool for Marvel Heroes!

      • Khino

        Well, I remember reading something like that last year – but I admit I’m not finding the article anymore. I  don’t even remember how old the article was (I think there were plans for this MMO since 2009 or something like that), so maybe it was just an initial idea. Anyway, reading the article again, there’s a bit that contradicts what I posted before:

        “You and a full group could attack Magneto with a well-rounded selection
        of heroes, some serving as tanks, others as long-range damage dealers,
        or everyone could pick Iron Man and blast unibeams until, ideally,
        everything dies.”
        (Heck it’s even the sentence before they mention Emma, how could I overlook that?!)

        But it would not be pricey. You mentioned Super Hero Squad Online, which doesn’t allow people to use the same characters during missions. Yes, there can be tons of Emmas on the towns, but when you get to a mission, if anyone has taken her already, you either try joining another party or pick a different hero. A lot of Wolverines play simultaneously on the same mission, just with a different party in a different channel (I don’t know if channel is the term people use today, but the last time I played a MMO that’s what they were calling it. It’s different from a server, there can be various channels on the same server. I shouldn’t even have said anything about servers on my first post, it would be really absurd that way XP).

        The gameplay of the Diablo series is very different from Dante’s Inferno, but the general feeling is similar indeed. Everything is so dark and gritty and there’s that feeling of urgence.

        This game has everything to be great: there are comic writers focusing on the story, and I really like Diablo’s style when it comes to online play:

         “We just didn’t want to do the same thing that everyone seems to be
        doing. MMOs are more than just that. It’s not four hours killing wolves.
        It’s very, very different from that. And to give it all away for free
        is very exciting.”

        I really feel a lot of the fun on MMORPG’s is lost on the various hours grinding to level up. In Diablo, the only people who spend hours trying to level up are the ones who aim to be the best players, the other people who just want to enjoy the main story can play it just fine.

        • Aimee

          Whoops, I meant the real Dante’s Inferno, the epic poem, where the story goes deeper and deeper into hell. ;) So, I wonder how Marvel Heroes will do the multi-layered story like that? Dungeon into Doom’s headquarters where he holds the cosmic cube? LOL!

          At any rate, I hope this will be entirely original and not like Marvel Ultimate Alliance v3!

          • Khino

            Ah, that Dante’s Inferno? Diablo is more or less like that, you keep going deeper and deeper until you find the demon itself.

  • Niklas B

    So this is the real thing and not the (SHS) kiddie stuff.

    Will it be available for play outside of US?

  • Khino

    Colossus has just been released on the heroes list. With that, Emma and the Scarlet Witch are the only heroes to appear in the trailer that have not an entry on the site yet. Maybe they’re next in line?

    Even though Emma appeared on the trailer at the same time as Colossus did, and the focus was on him. It really seemed like they were beta testing her, with her just standing still and repeating the same mind blast over and over.

  • Khino

    She’s there! On the heroes page.

    It’s strange though. Her entry acknowledges her joining the X-Men (and there’s even an X on her belt), but there’s no primary team on her bio, while most of the other heroes have one. Cable too, has an X on his uniform and doesn’t have a primary team on his bio, but on his entry it’s said that he only works with the X-Men at times.

    Seems they’re revealing 1 character per day. Tomorrow’s probably going to be Scarlet Witch, if we go by the trailer. And there’s of course the characters that appear on the site but don’t have their entries yet, like Storm and Human Torch.

    Hope they start releasing more gameplay details and the heroes’ powersets soon.

    • Khino

       I’m replying to myself just to note that X-Men was just added as her primary team.

      • Aimee

        Awesome! We’re totally going to create an Emma Frost cult and raid other players. ;)