Enjoy the new Emma Frost Files

I hope you notice the layout is quite minimal, unlike its predecessor, and focuses on content and less on unneeded graphics. The mobile version of the site is optimized for viewing, too.

Twitter Bootstrap is awesome

It was actually a random happenstance when I decided to redesign the site. I came across the beautiful Twitter Bootstrap framework and experimented with it, which led to a complete redesign of EFF! It’s all HTML5 and CSS3 compliant — it looks great on all modern browsers (sorry, IE6…heh!).

emma frost files emma frost files Emma Frost Files mobile

Other Blah, Blah Notes

I’ve optimized the coding behind the comic book database, so it should load at much faster speeds. Sorting the tables is much simpler as well. The footer of the main site shows the last 3 issues by publication date.

The gallery is organized about the same, but I added a note that the cover gallery has been deprecated in favor of the covers at the database. A grid view vs list view is available for most categories at the database, by the way.

The blue Emma you see at the right was drawn by Grace. She is a really cool person to draw it for the site.

EFF has become a very responsive sandbox for my web development practices, so I’m always open-minded to new suggestions. As always, thanks for reading and supporting the site.



  • Niklas B

    Custom image. Cool!

    I like the new design. Perhaps the color scheme is a little cold though? But I guess that fits.

    Small bug. The link to the comic DB in the header is wrong when you access it from within the DB.
    E.g. from http://comics.emmafrostfiles.com/issues/wolverine-and-x-men-9/ it points to *comic.* instead of *comics.*

    • Aimee

      Thanks for the notice — just fixed that. The DB is heavily cached, although I just restarted Apache and cleared the cache, so it should work now!

      Yes, I agree with you there. Perhaps I can get the Emma recolored again.

  • Vahlary

    Your site is so, so beautiful and useful! Thank you so much for doing all this work, I couldn’t imagine a world without such a wonderful Emma Frost page, being a huge fan myself =)))) Thank you thank you!)

    • Aimee

      You are very welcome. I put a lot of time into this site and occasionally wonder why the hell I do, so it’s always nice to hear things like this.