Emma Frost arrives at Marvel Heroes MMO

Here she is! Marvel Heroes released Emma Frost on their heroes list with a biography and stats. She is categorized with will as her main stat and ranged as her type of attack. Her willpower is particularly noticeable, as it is the strongest of all heroes so far.

They’ve also released her model sheet at the model sheets gallery. The “Astonishing X-Men” costume is her modern costume.


For most of her life, Emma Frost thought only of her own needs and goals, seeing humanity as inferior to her own mutant race. She used her intelligence, charm, and telepathic powers to accumulate great wealth. Soon she joined the mysterious Hellfire Club, a group secretly dedicated to world domination. For years she helped that group gain the political and economic influence it desired, often clashing with the X-Men.

Over time, however, Emma came to see the teaching of young mutants as her true calling. Eventually she allied with Professor Charles Xavier and her former enemies, becoming a full-fledged member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier School.

Model Sheet

Marvel Heroes MMO: Emma Frost


  • Khino

    Very nice costume, and it’s great how much detailed it is. Look at the wrinkles on her gloves! I think her hair is a bit too platinum, but it helps the general White Queen feeling. Glad to see there are no high heels too.

    About Willpower being her highest stat, I have mixed feelings. In Diablo I, the sorcerer was considered by many the best class, though very difficult to play. Like Emma, only one of his stats was really good – the others were averege or low. However, his stat was “magic”, which dictated how much damage he would deal. Will on this game doesn’t sound to be something like that, I mean, Hulk has a fairly good will stat… which would be useless for him if it were similar to “magic”. Unless the stats have different effects on different characters.

  • Mikey

    I feel like her strength should be incredibly high, too, unless they’re just going the All-Telepath route and not diamond form. I personally would’ve liked the top to be smaller (yes, SMALLER), because comparing it to Astonishing X-Men, it seems just a tad too long. Also, it would’ve been nice if the cape was long, but sometimes it’s hard to animate long capes, so… :P

    • Khino

      I don’t think they’re going to use the telepathy-only way. If you go to the news page you’ll see that they mention the diamond form too. Hope we have more details on that when they start releasing new info on the characters.

      I’m under the impression her will and strength will be swapped when she changes forms. Her stats seem a bit lower than the average (everybody else is good at 2 stats, bad at 1 and average on the rest – Or REALLY good at one and average at the rest). I think that’s a way of balancing her, since she’s probably going to be the only one able to change forms.

  • Khino

    In the media section of the site, they released the first developer diary.

    Like with other heroes, we have a first look on what some of Emma’s powers will be.The second abilty she has on her menu seems to be her diamond form. All the others look like they are telepathy-based.

    It’s also been announced that Marvel Heroes will have a playable demo on San Diego Comic-Con. Perhaps we’ll see more of Emma there?