‘Phoenix Warsong’ foreshadowing in Grant Morrison’s ‘New X-Men’

Remember “Phoenix Warsong” where Sublime harvested Emma Frost’s eggs to turn them into thousands of Cuckoos? “Phoenix Endsong” seemed like a concerted effort for “Phoenix Warsong”‘s plot because the end left off with the Phoenix visiting the Cuckoos.

Re-reading “New X-Men” #116 (E is for Extinction), I scratched my head at the part when Emma talks to the driver. It sounds oddly familiar!

emma frost new x-men 116

Warsong’s plot was one of the most bizarre readings I’ve come across, but, perhaps, it was planned out longer than we thought. Let’s not forget when Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex visited The World only to find out it hosted the Weapon Plus program (and created Wolverine and Captain America). “Phoenix Warsong” later revealed that the Stepford Cuckoos were Weapon XIV.

While Emma was written well in that series — I’ll say it again — it was seriously one of the most scary and bizarre stories I’ve come across. I remember rushing into the comic store every month for the issue, too. My reaction:

emma frost quick meme

Just something odd that I thought I would share with you all!


  • Niklas B

    Hm, I’d say this is more foreshadowing for Fly-Girl and Beak having a lot of eggs together!

    The Cuckoos WERE established as Weapon XIV in “Here Comes Tomorrow” though, so that was clearly intended already during Morrison’s run and not something invented by Grek Pak for Warsong.

    • Aimee

      D’oh, it’s been long. I always get the Stepford Cuckoos’ history mixed up, but, yeah, it seems Morrison intended this for a while.

      Hmm, does he have something for eggs then?

      • Niklas B

        Well, there was the Phoenix Egg.

        I don’t remember any more, not in connection to Emma herself at least.

        Morrison did of course build up the connections between her and the Cuckoos, but I don’t know if he actually intended them to be her clones/children.

        • Aimee

          Remember when Esme asked for a taxi, in the same manner that Emma did?! Hah, that was funny.

          • Niklas B

            Nope, have to check that out.

            OTOH, maybe that’s how everyone calls for a taxi? :)

          • Aimee


            Esme used the same phrase as Emma (not that it’s not a “common” phrase) and said she would dye her hair blonde and scrawl her name across the world — exactly what Emma did when she was young.

          • Niklas B

            Ah, I only remember (maybe incorrectly it seems) them raising one arm and calling out “taxi!”.

            I wonder how you call a taxi telepathically. Wouldn’t that freak out the driver? :)

          • Aimee

            I remember now that you mention it. I think it was Emma calling for a taxi when she was shopping with Angel.

          • Niklas B

             Right, got them mixed up a little!

  • AGamarra

    Yeah sometimes I think about Phoenix Warsong and Emma

  • Chad

    Or it could be the Warsong was a shitty story made to pull more money out of idiotic malcontents’ pockets who fixate on anything with an X and a Phoenix on the cover. Regardless of the source of the eggs, “cloning” is ANOTHER clichéd trope of the X-franchise, and retconning the Cuckoos into clones of Emma Frost is just more of the same stupid plotting and storytelling you’d expect. The throwaway conversation between the taxi driver and Emma is nothing more than to emphasize the growing racist sentiment of the world, and Emma’s self-realization that she’s a god-damned teacher, and she’s walking away from a god-damned school —exactly where she’s meant to be. There’s NOTHING tying the two plot points together.

    The Cuckoos are a hell of a good contribution to the franchise, and clever people had them pegged as Weapon 14 long before Esmé shot Emma. The Weapons are villianized iterations of Spiral Dynamic theory. They are the Green vMeme.