January Jones: ‘I’m eating well …with placenta capsulation’

We love you, January Jones, for your I-don’t-give-crap-what-people-think attitude. On PEOPLE, she casually stated she eats her own placenta in capsules to keep herself awake.

emma frost january jones x-men first class Jones tells PEOPLE that the biggest challenge of being a mom on set was the exhaustion. “It was hard to work long days and then go home and not sleep,” says the actress. “It’s getting harder, not easier, so I’m a little concerned!”

Jones’s secret to staying high energy through the grueling shooting schedule? “I have a great doula who makes sure I’m eating well, with vitamins and teas, and with placenta capsulation.”

You read right: Jones is eating her own placenta. “Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” she explains. “It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.”

And in spite of all the media hate and bashing, she thinks it’s because people associate her with Betty Draper of “Mad Men,” a not-so-fan-favorite of the series.

“I think it’s funny that it carries over into my life, my actual life, when [showrunner] Matt [Weiner] writes a storyline that Betty’s unlikable, all of a sudden everybody hates me. I hope she gets a little more well received.”

emma frost january jones x-men first class

January Jones was trending on Twitter because of her new post-natal diet, so this is pretty funny, all things considered. I guess the question begs — would Emma Frost eat her own placenta to help maintain her health? Many benefits await the consumer, according to Cafe Mom!


  • Khino

    Haha, if Marvel ever allowed their characters to get older, I’m sure Emma would eventually become a mother. This may sound a bit odd for her current state, since she is written as a modern and independent woman (like it or not, ever since women have started to work and earn their own money, they’ve started to give birth at an older age). But with her love for teaching, and by extension children, that day would come.

    Really, placenta in capsules? Doesn’t sound tasty, but whatever’s healthy, Emma would do it. Specially since it would have an impact on her looks.

  • Niklas B