Emma Frost vs Iron Man in AvX 2012 promo

Round 2 of the “Avengers vs X-Men” begins with a battle between Emma Frost and Iron Man, who wants to take her out to dinner afterwards! But she isn’t impressed, of course. The round begins April 18, 2012 in “Avengers vs X-Men” #2, written by Jason Aaron and pencilled by John Romita Jr.

emma frost vs iron man avx
Art by John Romita Jr.



  • Khino

    Wow, this makes even less sense than the Hulk. Wonder who’s Magneto going to fight now…

    Anyway, teaser or not, Emma is always up against the big guns, isn’t she?

    • Niklas B

      Magneto will still fight Iron Man in Round 1. Maybe he loses, or its a draw.

      The Hulk thing was not meant to be something that would actually happen, but this definitely is.

      Will be interesting to see how the fight will go. I cannot see Emma’s diamond form being much of a threat to Iron Man.

      • Khino

        Here where I live the stories are about 6 months behind the ones in USA, so I don’t really know much about this event yet.

        Thanks for the info. I knew the Hulk teaser was just that, a teaser, and I thought this one was the same… So they’re showing us the round 2 fights before round 1 is finished? This seems like a bad move. I mean, this may not spoil Iron Man X Magneto, but it sure makes it completely irrelevant to the outcome of the story.

        • Niklas B

          Yeah, but nothing says the fights in Rounds 1 will have definitive outcomes. Maybe they just clash and then separate due to the flow of the battle to be paired up with new opponents.

          Or maybe Magneto almost takes out Iron Man and it’s up Emma to put him down for the count. Would be one way to make this a competitive fight unless the armor is susceptible to telepathy. Which it shouldn’t be, if Magneto has a helmet that can block it, then Iron Man’s armor should also be able to.

          • Ace

            Magneto was one of the people who was instrumental in developing the original Cerebro and being a close friend of Charles Xavier, it makes sense that he would know how to create a defense against teleapthy; besides, his helmet has been shown to be penetrated by telepathy before – there is no all around flawless defense against TP.

            Iron Man does not possess ironclad psi shields, so telepathy isn’t automatically thrown out the door. And when it comes to Emma Frost, she’s shown quite the adept ability to pinpoint weaknesses in artifical psi shields, exploit them, and get around them.

            Also, Iron Man’s offensive weapons are mostly energy based. His main arsenal is his repulsor ray which is made up of concussive energy. Her diamond form refracts and reflects that energy.

            Iron Man isn’t a lock in this fight, in fact, it seems to be the odds tend to lean against him.

  • Niklas B

    Apparently these images are taken as is from the comic itself. Hopefully the same is not the case for the dialogue!

  • Irmamindeecuckoo

    Emma should have used her telepathy not her diamond form >:(