Canceled: ‘Generation Hope’ ends at issue #17

While matters are steaming up between Hope and Emma Frost in “Generation Hope,” James Asmus confirms in a CBR interview the cancellation of the series. He says Marvel asked him to carry on the book until “Avengers vs X-Men” due to its low selling rate. The book will come to a conclusion with a betrayal from a team member.

From the CBR interview:

James, there was a recurring question I received from several folks that I thought I’d address before we get to the reader emails: there’s no solicitation for “Generation Hope” in April. Does this confirm our worst fears?

generation hope 16Yes, the book is ending with issue #17.  I will say (as I did a month ago) that these were the five issues I planned from the beginning.  You can read all the old interviews where I promised to get to the betrayal, and I knew I had to do it before “Avengers vs. X-Men.”  The book was already under 20K copies when I took over, so while I figured there was a chance to tie into “AvX,” the way the market and the event developed, a “Generation Hope” tie-in doesn’t make sense.

That said, I have a ton of notes on stories I’d love to do with these kids in the future.  So hopefully I’ll get that chance.  If you’re interested, start that letter-writing campaign!

Be sure to hold onto those notes, James! It seems you just started “Generation Hope” and now it’s ending.  I assume “AvX” has been planned for a while, so did you come onto the book knowing you’d be bringing it “into the home stretch?”  Or is the ending of the book the combo-result of low sales as well as an opportune time for a conclusion?

When Marvel first asked me to hop on the book last summer, I was told that they wanted me to take the book up to “AvX”.  Sales were already below the 20K copy mark, so there was the expectation that unless a market-miracle happened, the book probably wouldn’t keep going after the first five issues.  Personally, I just take it as a huge compliment that I didn’t lose all of Kieron Gillen’s fans.

On another note, James Asmus tells CBR that it is Emma’s nature to not lash out on “suffering insults.” We saw Emma smack Hope in issue 15 when she accused her of sleeping with every man in the Marvel Universe.

generation hope 15 emma frost hope1) James, we’ve seen Emma shudder at Hope’s powers, yet in issue #15, Emma didn’t hesitate to lash out at Hope (due to her comments regarding Emma’s sexual past). This makes me wonder… how does Emma really feel about Hope? Does she fear her? Or does she think of her as one of Scott’s underlings?

I definitely don’t think she’d lump Hope in with the general Utopia crowd. The way I see it, Emma is more disturbed by what Hope might be underneath, or what she might become. But unless Hope reveals herself to be Jean Grey/The Phoenix/Something Equally Threatening — Emma is not about quietly suffering insults. It might be dangerous in the long-run, but it’s just her nature.

Generation Hope #17 comes out March 2012.



  • Agustín Gamarra

    Generation hope was really great

  • Niklas B

    Catching up on the news? :)

    The relationship between Emma and Hope as depicted in Generation Hope seems quite different from the dumbed-down version in the AvX preview. But maybe the final issue will reconcile them somehow.

    I’ll miss this comic.

  • Khino

    Hi I didn’t know where I should post this, so I figured I should put it in the newest article:

    There’s a Dark X-Men Diorama coming soon. Emma will be in her Black Queen outfit. For the people who collect everything Emma, I think it’s the first (and possibly last) time we’ll see a statue of hers in a non-white costume.

    Take a look:

    • Aimee