It’s on! Avengers vs X-Men begins April 2012 #AvX

Marvel’s next big event begins when the Phoenix Force arrives on Earth to find a new host. …And the Avengers and the X-Men will be there, which will lead to an all-out brawl between the super teams.

The bi-monthly series begins April 2012 with 12 issues! It will be available for print and digital users. Check out for more information.

avengers vs the x-men cheung

SOURCE: Avengers VS X-Men


  • AGamarra


  • Niklas B

    Silly, but cool-looking splash!

    Seems Emma Frost is the 3rd or 4th most prominent character there. Well, let’s go with 3rd, the white makes her stand out much more than Wolvie’s yellows.

    Hopefully this will good.

  • airdreams

    love the cover! Emma looks gorgeous on it

  • Mikey Lilley

    So glad they’re getting this Phoenix/Hope bullsh*t over with

    • Niklas B

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that. This might be just the prelude if I remember correctly what Quesada said in some interviews. “Lighting the fuse” or something similar. Maybe this whole event is just the in-fighting BEFORE the Phoenix actually arrives? Which would be fine with me as long as the story is good, I can do without Phoenix here, X-Men vs Avengers is enough on its own terms.

      Edit: Judging by the live event, seems not, all questions about Hope was promised to get answers.

      Also got this snapshot of Emma vs Hulk it seems.

  • Shark

    Magneto could kill Spider-man with his own web-shooters if he wanted. Though if I were directing the battle I’d have Magneto taking out Logan, Namor and Juggs against Rulk, Emma taking out Spidey, Hawkeye, Natasha and Cap from a safe distance with the help of the Cuckoos, and Danger and Jeffries raping Iron Man. Scott could just kick back and relax.

    • Shark

      Hell, Sooraya could take out half these guys.

  • Khino

    Just a heads up, a new teaser was released and it seems Emma will be facing the Hulk (the green one). 

    I must say, this is interesting. If the fights are really 1 on 1 and Emma is REALLY the one to take on the Hulk, that is. If Hulk is not that angry, his mental resistance is not high and Emma could easily turn his brain off; If he’s angry though, he would smash Ems. In crossovers this big, though, the fights can’t be easily won, so I expect Emma to put up a good fight even if she’s not the winner.

    • Niklas B

      Could be an interesting fight, but I strongly doubt it will happen. Most likely just a promo piece.

      • Khino

        Yeah, just what I thought. Either that or it is actually the Red Hulk, which would be cool but not that iteresting.

  • TheWhiteKing01

    I’m sorry, but Miss Frost could roll out of bed and drop most, if not all, of the Avengers in one display of supreme psychic talent and still have time for a quickie with Scott before she had to get the day started.

  • Emaginasian

    the funny thing is, Wolverine and Beast is still sporting the X logo.