‘X-Men: First Class’ deleted scene shows the Hellfire Club’s plans

Charles Xavier looks into Emma Frost’s mind in an extended deleted scene that reveals more of the Hellfire Club’s world domination plans with Sebastian Shaw as leader and Emma Frost and other Hellfire Club members by his side.

The still with Emma in the white curtain background is familiar, so now we know where it came from!

emma frost january jones

“X-Men: First Class” arrives on DVD and Blu-ray September 9, 2011!

SOURCE: Slashfilm


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Frost/100002297994442 Emma Frost

    Why most people hate Emma?? I don’t understand

    • Khino

      “Most”? I don’t think most people hate her, it’s just that her haters can be pretty vocal. Emma’s a polarizing character, you either love or hate her, few people ignore her. And that’s a good thing. I, for one, really like Nightcrawler and Cannonball, for example, but I can’t remember the last time I had any interesting discussion about any of them, because people will either agree with me or be totally indiferent. It’s just so boring when conversations are nothing but “I agree!” or “Yeah, he totally rocks!”.

      A lot of people hate Wolverine for his overexposure, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the most popular X-Man of all time. I think the hatred some people have for Emma comes from her being everywhere nowadays, just like Wolverine, but since Emma has joined the team fairly recently (at least in comparison to the other core characters) it’s harder for them to get over her.

      She was still the most promoted and discussed character (at least in the forums I read) in a movie that had Xavier and Magneto as the main characters. She was still the most voted female character (and third most voted overall) for DLC during MUA2′s production. She was never in a fighting game and yet she’s top 20 (often top 10) in every poll I’ve seen so far for MvC3′s DLC, above characters who have been playable a lot of times and are far more recognizable for the gaming fan base than her. She’s hardly a hated character, my friend ; )

      • Aimee

        She is very controversial, which makes her so interesting! :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FWWO4N7MD5B4Z4WXJUTVUQU4U4 Joseph

        I agree, I think that with most any “wicked” character, she speaks what’s on her mind even if it isn’t the most appealing thing to say. She takes no prisoners and she doesn’t care what people think.

  • E. Grace F.

    Aw man they make her look crazy.  Emma (even in the early days) would never have done that,she would be too afraid for her academy and company.

  • Guest

    Russia? Shouldn’t that be the USSR?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FWWO4N7MD5B4Z4WXJUTVUQU4U4 Joseph

      LOL yeah I just caught that!

  • Dontstoprunning

    I thought I saw an alternate version of this clip where it shows Xavier having difficulty reading her mind, attempting numerous times. There were no extra lines, just Charles’ frustration lol.

  • Khino

    Nothing new in regards to Emma and the movie overall, It’s good that they cut this one (sometimes directors decide to cut an important scene while others, less relevant, ones are kept in the final version).

    Have all the deleted scenes been revealed yet? I don’t live in the USA and haven’t heard much about the DVD and Blu-ray since the movie’s release in theaters…

  • Saaid1627

    she looks great as a diamond form.  am in love Emma