Sebastian Shaw joins ‘Generation Hope’

Those X-villains — they never go away! Marvel released another “X-Men: Regenesis” teaser featuring Sebastian Shaw with silhouetted characters for the “Generation Hope” #13 cover. James Asmus and Ibraim Roberson will be signing onto the series, too.

In “Uncanny X-Men,” Emma Frost recently mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw and left him in China to start a new life. It looks like we will get to see how the former Black King fares!

So far, we have Wolverine in “Wolverine & the X-Men,” Emma Frost in “Uncanny X-Men,” and Sebastian Shaw in “Generation Hope.”

generation hope 13

SOURCE via X-Men: Regenesis – Generation Hope


  • Mikey

    Looks like the same cast as it is now (plus Shaw, and without the ice/flame chick)