X-Men creators weigh in on Emma and Scott relationship

Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Rick Remender, Mike Carey, Victor Gischler and Nick Lowe analyze the X-Men leader Cyclops on Marvel.com and share their thoughts on his relationship with Emma Frost.

On Cyclops’ relationship insecurity:

Gillen: Actually, considering that he’s spent most of his adult life knowing someone hanging around is trying to get in the pants of his better half—Jean and Logan, Emma and Namor—I think he does fairly well on the security front. If a perfect-physique ruler-of-a-country who spends his life walking around in Speedos kept on flirting with my missus, I dare say I’d be a damn sight more insecure than Scott is.

The rest…

Uncanny X-Men 136How did the death of Jean Grey and his subsequent romance with Emma Frost shape Scott into who he is today?

Gischler: How does it shape anyone? We learn, adapt. A little chunk inside of us gets a little bit tougher for next time.

Remender: The transformation that took place between the two relationships can be summed up as simply the path from boyhood to manhood. He let go of the girl he pined for as a young man, the familiar, and allowed himself to grab for what he wanted as an adult, the unfamiliar. He uprooted his life in an attempt to be more true to himself and happy, I think that’s a sign of character growth.

Lowe: The death of anyone close to you is incredibly shapeable. He carries baggage from it. But the relationship with Emma helped free him in a lot of ways, helping acquire the confidence that has helped him step up.

Uncanny X-Men 498Gillen: They’re two powerful, independent and extremely different women. To love and lose anyone changes you. He’s dealt with grief twice over with Jean, so the awareness of loss is important. He knows what it’s like to lose someone in tragic situations, which colors his experience with Emma more than a little.
And part of me suspects that knowing that he can survive even something that horrific makes him know that he won’t break—which is a hell of a thing to know about yourself.

Aaron: I think Jean’s death freed Scott to finally become his own man; to fully step out from behind the shadow of Xavier and to forge his own path for the X-Men. And Emma has really been the rock at his side. They are, without a doubt, my favorite couple in comics.

Carey: I think his relationship with Emma was a turning point for him, and probably pivotal in changing the way he views himself and his role in the X-Men. For so long, his entire life was about unattainable ideals: idealized love, idealized comradeship, selfless altruism in trying to serve the world. Betraying Jean with Emma was surrender to the human. Personally I view that as a survival tactic. He was headed for self-immolation, for martyrdom of some kind, and he brought himself down into the world. He admitted that he was just a fallible guy in the one arena where he was allowed to fail.

Who else would Cyclops trust to lead the X-Men besides him? Who would he willingly follow?

Carey: Tough question. I think he’d trust the people he’s known for longest: Hank, Bobby, Warren. I think he’d trust Emma.

Gillen: …He’d trust Emma, but knows that the X-Men as a group wouldn’t follow her. He knows that the X-Men as a group would follow Storm, but he also knows that her morals wouldn’t have made the hard decisions that got them through Second Coming.


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    Carey’s comment really sums up what Morrison did with Cyclops.

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