SPOILERS: Emma Frost in ‘X-Men: First Class’ Discussion

DICUSS EMMA FROST in “X-Men: First Class” here. Is she awesome? Is she good? Is she bad? How is January Jones’ performance? What should Emma do for sophomore year? The possibilities are endless!

Remember, the comments under this poster will be spoilerific! I won’t be replying or reading the comments until I see the movie tonight…but discuss away!



  • Mikey

    I loved her- the way she made the man think he was fooling around with her and commenting on it made me think this was amazing! Then she went and used a Rogue-ish line. But that’s the writer’s fault

    I also think her diamond form was breaking too easy- diamond needs to be cut in the right place to break, otherwise it doesn’t. Also, I think she would’ve picked up Moira’s presence in the Hellfire Club- odd she didn’t. But I love when she just knocked Magneto flying off of the yacht, and that scene where she scraped ice into a glass of whiskey in the Arctic.
    I wondered why she simply didn’t break out the prison when it clearly showed her able to break the glass- she could’ve sedated the people and then broke out. Or made them think she was still there. But Magneto coming for her at the end just made me smile like a lunatic :DI can understand why she didn’t battle Charles on the Astral Plane, though, with the risk of being killed. But why didn’t Shaw come for her? It’s clear he replaced her with Angel, but she was a VERY strong telepath and a heavy-hitter. She could of came in handy during the final battle.

    • FrostBite

      do you think emma diamond form would “heal”? because when erik strangled her with the bed metal post, you could see her neck “almost” breaking. and erik told charles “she can’t go on diamond form. if she does that, just tap her.”

      so i would assume, she’d shatter.

      and at the end of the flick emma turned diamond, and i dont see the “break” marks on her neck.

      • Mikey Lilley

        Yeah, i’d guess- just like how skin would heal, but most likely faster. Maybe like Logan’s healing factor except a tad slower

        • FrostBite

          prolly. it made me smile when at the end, she heard her prison door creeking and she stood up and turned full on diamond form and the way she was standing she was ready to fight and she was like “i’m gonna effing beat your sorry ass whoever you are.”

          made me want to cheer! you go emma frost!

          • Mikey

            I liked that as well, but I couldn’t help wonder why she would think of fighting if the only people who would break her out would be allies

          • FrostBite

            she’s prolly thinking erik’s coming to have another go at her. like a rematch since charles stopped them the last time.

          • Mikey

            True- she knows he’s ruthless. Also, another thing- why didn’t she take control of Magneto and then take-out Charles with Magneto’s body?

          • FrostBite

            holy crap i was thinking of that too. it would’ve been so easy for emma to sedate erik and then beat charles to a pulp in her diamond form.

            well, prolly that’d make her appear “super” powerful and the audience wouldnt fancy that

          • Mikey

            Well it’d only be using her common sense and by thinking things through she would of came out. Also, by beating Xavier up, she could of been the one to put him in the chair. Although Moira and Xavier’s version was amazing and unexpected (well, Moira’s part in it was)

          • FrostBite

            i’ve forgiven matt vaughn for making moira a CIA agent. it made her more interesting. and t’was funny when she was on panel and she only remembered “fragments” and a kiss…and the guys were like “this is women doesnt belong in the CIA.”

            and then cut to miss frost lounging…

          • Mikey

            I agree- Moiraon the CIA at first mademe think “WHAT THE?!” but in the end I loved it. I think she will become a Mutants researchereventually,though.

          • Frank

            Remember she’s not supposed to be able to use her psychic abilities in diamond form. So even if she did sedate Erik, as soon as she went diamond, Charles would’ve probably just waken him up.

          • Dabrain930

            Which is why you take out the telepath first. And when Erik reacts, she quickly reverts back to human form and take down Erik.

  • Mikey

    Also, for the second film, I hope by the end she see’s Magneto goes down a path she can’t- killing mutants to save mutants. It was never shown in First Class if she knew Shaw would kill the X-Men, and the only violent act she done to a mutant was smacking Magneto off of a yacht. I do hope there’s some redeeming qualities in this version of Ms.Frost :)

    • FrostBite

      she doesnt! remember the time she smacked erik off the yacht? shaw said something like “we dont harm out fellow mutants.” and she just smiled at him. so she’s prolly not aware.

      • Mikey

        Ah yes, I remember now :D That makes me believe even more that she’ll join Xavier

  • FrostBite

    i soooo agree with everything you said Mikey and I had the same questions while watching the movie!

    seeing Angel as a part of the hellfire club made me think, she’s the Black Queen.

    i mean i love emma frost! i love january jones as emma frost(but i kept wondering how perfect Alice Eve would’ve been as Emma Frost!)

    i hated the part where Shaw asked Emma to get him some ice! i mean would Emma Frost really let Shaw boss her around like that?

    and i noticed how everytime she would turn diamond, her hair would remain the same. like the part at the yacht. she was totally sporting a different hairstyle, but when she turned diamond, it looked like her other hair. hehe.

    i was disappointed with the “telepathic battle” james mcavoy was quoted on. i was imagining emma vs charles on the astral plane too. but her arse got stuck in “prison” while the others were fighting outside.

    and the Diamond Emma Vs Charles & Erik bit, i thought she would’ve been ALOT stronger in that form, but Charles & Erik managed to get her while she was trying to escape! really, i was waiting for Emma to kick their asses. the shattering bit would’ve been better if Erik really exploited the diamond form’s weakest spot(like in the comics).

    and yeah, i LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE the last part where Erik came back for Emma. that was sweeeeeeeeeeet!

    • Mikey

      Alas, I too would of like to see Alice Eve- her look is how I imagine Emma! But January’s a good second.

      And you don’t know this Emma’s backstory- for all we know, he could of took her in when she needed it the most and she may feel being his servant sort of would repay that.
      I NOTICED THAT TO! I think she’s meant to sort of be naked when she goes diamond, so her hair goes to standard quality as well.
      I know- I would of at least liked something that reminisced the Jean/Xavier battle in X3
      And yeah- a simple line like “I can feel your weak spot” would of at least satisfied me as a reason why she started to break.

      • FrostBite

        i remember matt vaughn saying something like an inception-ish battle with the room spinning around, but he scrapped that after watching inception. so im thinking he probably included emma in that “plan” and that would sound like our “emma vs charles” astral plane battle.

        the brief psychic battle, i liked it a little especially when emma blocked charles’ thoughts by shrouding her mind with diamond form.

        what’s your fave emma frost costume? i really didnt like the bra with the skirt. i liked the white jumpsuit and the lingerie one with erik & charles.

        • Mikey

          Ah, yes. That would of been amazing. Isn’t that where Alice Eve dropped out? Due to script changes.

          I wouldn’t call it a battle of sorts- more of a small bitch-fight broken up in a few seconds. But the diamond form was nice- it reminded me of in the Emma Frost comics where she thought of a diamond and all the voices in her mind stopped.
          I agree- the jumpsuit was an amazing costume. I wouldn’t of mind if she just wore that through the whole film. I wouldn’t of minded her Bra one if it was more Hellfire (panties, corset) or Astonishing (bustier, trousers). Also, I know it’s a period film but I didn’t like her lingerie- too vintage.

          • FrostBite

            i thought they dropped alice eve because january was more popular? hmmm…interesting. maybe alice wanted the astral plane battle to happen and when it got scrapped she dropped out. hehe.

            oh me too! it reminded me of the library scene with bloom in the comics where she thought of diamond as the most impenetrable thing.

            i so wanted to put her in a laced front corset in the charles and erik scene. hehe

          • Mikey

            I never heard they dropped Alice o.O interesting. I always read she walked out.
            Yeah, that’s the scene I’m on about :D I couldn’t remember Astrid’s name :’)I personally think a laced corset would of worked better in the film

  • FrostBite

    i wish they made Marvel Universe sized(4 inches) action figures for this movie. like Thor & Captain America. i would’ve collected then, including a diamond emma frost variant. :)

    • Mikey

      Hell, I wished they done Marvel Legends/6 inch figures for this film- I sold all mine (including Emma. But it was a hideous figure, so I wasn’t so sad) but I would definitely buy a First Class Emma figure

      • FrostBite

        how could you! that’s still emma frost!haha! i still have them! how i wish i could get my hands on the Emma Frost Minimates they released for this film. sadly the local Toys ‘R Us in my country doesnt carry them.

        • Mikey

          I know, but her head was disfigured, her body too thing and wore a diaper- it was an extremely bad figure. I don’t really like the Minimates- I much prefer 6inch figures, as I grew up using them more than 4inch (But I did play with my 4inch Star Wars ones a LOT)

  • Deansquig21

    God I cant take the wait anymore for this film. I am busy all of tommorow so I might go see the midnight showing tonight or go Saturday. But from what I am reading, it seems to perfectly match up with the comic character. In the comics Emma never really took part in any of the battles with the whole Hellfire Club team, she more handled things on her own or with her Hellions (who maybe we will see next film!)
    I still hope she has alot of scenes, because what we have seen in footage with her at some Government showing, in some courtyard running, at the Hellfire club, in the submarine, that prison, and even in that Mirror room with Shaw. She must have alot of screentime. But Ill just have to wait and see, before I can give my full evaluation.

    • FrostBite

      i reckon emma got a decent amount of screen time. it’s just that being an emma frost fan, im sure we would’ve loved to see more of her.

      you’ll get alot of surprises watching the movie, keep your eyes peeled! you’ll see a few familiar faces ;)

      • Mikey

        And some references to other films in the series :’) You may have already seen a clip referencing X2

  • Cal

    On the whole I was pleased with this new big screen incarnation of Emma. January brought a classy and icy vibe to Emma, and she looked great in her range of outfits. Her hair was perfect for Emma too and there was a winning 60s Bond bad girl vibe about her,

    I’d have liked a little more screen time and was annyoyed when she was locked up for a large chunk of the movie, missing the finale battle (she could easily have escaped from the holding room at the point of cutting a circle from the glass encasing her). I guess it allowed as a plot device and her return at the movie’s end was much welcomed. However with her telepathy and diamond form, it seemed unlikely that Emma would just wait to be rescued or that Shaw would not stage an assault to free her.

    Still, I am overall happy with the new depication of Emma Frost on the big screen and  January Jones certainly looked the part. The combination of Emma Frost and Magneto in a sequel is very interesting and I am hoping that the script showcases Emma’s bitchness. It would be interesting if Emma was shattered in diamond form in a first class sequel, then fused back together in a follow-up to X-Men 3, with Emma having been preserved broken in time and brought back together in today’s age to engage with the likes of Storm, Wolverine and Iceman. Who knows, perhaps Cyclops did not die in X-men last stand and then he and Emma could become a couple?

    • Mikey

      I agree with everything you just said, Cal :P

      I like the idea of Emma shattering, but I’d prefer it to be in the final prequel (most likely the 3rd) as I want her to have time to redeem herself and become a teacher at Xavier’s (Hell, Scott could even have a crush on her! :P). Because a few of the writers want to bring Cable into the next one, who’s saying they won’t bring Rachel Summers into X4/X5, etc. and bring her back. Or Wanda’s reality-warping powers bring her back (I long to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver on the big screen)

  • airdreams

    i guess whether JJ’s performance is good or
    not does not make the difference…i mean, she looks wonderful, but i’d have
    loved to have seen more of emma.

    i remember bryan singer once said
    ““You can’t have the Hellfire Club without Emma Frost”UGH… in this
    movie, you can have HFC without emma


    • Mikey

      Well, she is in the movie with the Hellfire Club as Shaw’s right-hand lady, even if it was for a short time, just like the comics

      • airdreams

        i know…but making emma as old as professor x just excludes quite a few potential possibilities of the character.
        i hope to see emma becomes a teacher at school, becomes a member of the x-men in films…but it looks out of question now :(

        • Mikey

          How? Mystique’s meant to be Charles’ age and Erik’s. I think she’d fit nicely with the x-men, and in the comics Emma fought alongside Generation X.

          • http://www.facebook.com/REubEn.MORaEs.StRangE.BlooD.Empath Reuben Moraes

            Mystique stops aging at a certain point! probably the when she reaches the same age charles and erick are! therefore she looks just as young in the later sequels x1, x2 and x3! just like how logan had the regen mutation as a kid but he still grew to a certain age! till he was a grown man! then his cells started to regenerate continously! leaving him at a standstill age! its the same for mystique! her regen powers aren’t the same as Logan but she heals at a slower rate! but much faster than normal humans! the same law applies to Emma Frost! while in her diamond form she doesn’t age or release any toxins! so if she does shatter in the later prequel sequels she may survive so that maybe jean before she dies as a favour to magneto, cause she joins him in X3 brings emma back to life using the phoenix force or scarlet witch does the job! well many possibilities!

          • http://www.facebook.com/REubEn.MORaEs.StRangE.BlooD.Empath Reuben Moraes

            Mystique stops aging at a certain point! probably the when she reaches the same age charles and erick are! therefore she looks just as young in the later sequels x1, x2 and x3! just like how logan had the regen mutation as a kid but he still grew to a certain age! till he was a grown man! then his cells started to regenerate continously! leaving him at a standstill age! its the same for mystique! her regen powers aren’t the same as Logan but she heals at a slower rate! but much faster than normal humans! the same law applies to Emma Frost! while in her diamond form she doesn’t age or release any toxins! so if she does shatter in the later prequel sequels she may survive so that maybe jean before she dies as a favour to magneto, cause she joins him in X3 brings emma back to life using the phoenix force or scarlet witch does the job! well many possibilities!

          • FrostBite

            that would be a great story.

            Hank told Raven(during the scene where he was looking at her blood sample under the microscope) that she ages slower, and that by the time she’s 40 she’d still look like a teenager. so i guess that explains why Mystique looks younger in the other x films compared to prof x and magneto

  • Lvd Frost

    I enjoyed the whole 60′s bond girl vibe and recall the ” emma we dont hurt our own kind ” comment as the more in character moment for me..aside from that i thought they didnt really explore the actual villains in this piece simply because all the struggle between the “good guys” and the turning of tables towars the end with them switching sides..

    as a result they just didnt play with the whole Hellfire Club institution, merely mentioning the name here and there..i thought they looked more like a pre brotherhood waiting for Magneto to show

    And Emma’s sarcasm and wit were ripped of from her character and though i liked January Jones’s look in general i thought she lacked a couple of emma;s devilsh face expressions ( ill assume they were playing her as a younger and more naive version of herself..ill pray to that ) She was more of a Mystique in the original trilogy than anything else..hope that changes

    And her getting stuck in prision was only for script’s sake. She would never have stayed behind like that..and the scene also felt incomplete..

  • Shark

    Personally, I was disappointed in this movie’s depiction of Emma. She didn’t display any of the strength, will or cunning that her comic counterpart possesses. If anyone in 616 told her to put ice in their drinks she’d drop them into a coma and pierce their genitals. 

    Thankfully, the rest of the film was ridiculously awesome, and I just spent two hours mentally re-writing every scene to include Erik and Charles making hot, sweaty man love with each other. 

    • FrostBite

      haha! that’s what i thought too. the real emma frost wouldn’t let someone boss her around. in my head she’d get the glass from Shaw, turn into diamond form, and then smash the glass on his face “go get it yourself.”

      • Sharl

        I did think it was a nice tough that Emma just let Charles in instead of fighting him telepathically. Her line, “beautiful, isn’t it?” perfectly conveyed the sheer belief Emma has in their cause. 

        Also, I’m now telling myself that the bed frame Eric attacked Emma with is actually made of VIBRANIUM, hence Emma’s form cracking. 

  • Jordan

    I realy liked her portrayal and the characters screen time overall- my only gripes:

    1. It seemed like her “fight” scene with Eric was solely in there to have her in lingerie tied to a bed post- blatant fanboy service lol.
    2. When she was seducing the soviet guy why did she genuinely have to take her clothes off if the whole dirty deed was in his mind anyway- i personaly think it would have been more comedic to pan over to Emma still wearing her clothes in the scene- but you get the joke either way.
    3. Her diamond form cracks WAY too easy- i wouldn’t even have minded if it appeared that Erik was realy struggling to break her- although to be fair she was severely pissing him off and his powers are magnified by anfger-

    one thing i am very impressed with is the fact that they used her mental immunity when in diamond form and all Charles could see of her mind was the diamond glaze. Ovwerall very good but it only makes me want to see much more of her in coming sequels

  • Roberthierrezuelobell

    hello  mrs frost it good that u play in the movie well it very good to see one of the members of the x-men play in first class u did a also job lol keep up the good works i hope some day we can play in movies together

  • Deansquig21

    So finally I got to see the film today, and overrall I was very impressed with the film as a whole. Emma didnt have the largest of screen time but she was a very important character, and each scene she was in, she was very significant. Her outfits were nice as well, although I am very glad she was only in that Hellfire club outfit for one scene.
    My favorite part with her was on the yact with how easily she took down Erik with her telepathy, than easily caught his blade than K.Oed him off the boat. I guess her diamond form is very different from the comics that she appears overrall diamond overtaking her clothes.
    The diamond form was the best thing I have ever seen. It actually looked like diamond and not ice, like the comics and other media portrays.
    I also loved the part with how she made that man think they were making love while she was sitting there the whole time talking like Emma would. However I was confused to how both Charles and Erik were able to take her down so easily in diamond form (and why she was trying to escape them.)
    The ending was really exciting as well that she will join the Brotherhood for the next film.
    Overrall I think January did a good job. Although her voice was very sweet the whole time, and it didnt make her seem like a villain. I also didnt like the “sugar” line, because thats Rogues line, and they should have had her say her ususal “Darling” or “Dear”. Despite that she really seemed to fill her comic reputation. Possibly she was still in the ranks of the process of becoming the White Queen, so thats why she was so obedient to Shaw as his assistant and not his partner. But seriously she would never ever in the 616 world go out of her way to give someone ice, probably not even Scott. Though thats all I can complain about.
    But it was a great film best of all the X-Men film franchise. Although I pretty much pretend like X3 and most especially X-Men Origins never existed. I hope they dont let those films affect the series.

  • Deansquig21

    One other thing is I thought she couldnt use her telepathy while in diamond form. The scene where she summons Azazel, she looks like shes using her telepathy. And I didnt know that she is mental resistant while in diamond form like she said.

    • FrostBite

      i dont think she was using telepathy to call Azazel there. maybe he has a great sense of hearing and he responds to Emma’s whistle?

      and yeah in the comics she can use telepathy in diamond form and she can’t he telepathicly attacked(i think)

      • FrostBite

        she can’t use telepathy in dia ond form i mean

  • Deansquig21

    And one more thing sorry Haha, I think this film perfectly sets up the story for the next film. Emma might be one of the main antagonists, and we will possibly see a telepathic fight between her and Charles. And maybe her and Erik might have a thing for one another (or maybe thats for Mystique.) On another note it couldnt work out better that Mystique and Azazel are on a team together, so theres the creation of Nightcrawler. And we will possibly see the origin of them recruiting Storm and Scott. Cant wait!

  • http://www.facebook.com/poizonazn Dez Kwok

    Was it me or was it when she Whistled for Azazel in her Diamond form, it sounded really eerie? I mean it was awesome and all… but it was really distinct… anywho…

    I watched the movie opening night and was really glad they didn’t decide to stick with the other actress who played “Emma” in the Wolverine Origins movie. January Jones does a fun, and really “I don’t give a F***” attitude to Emma’s Character.

    Yes, the ice thing, and her shattering minorly in the bed room did bother me a little but, i mean… hey… Hollywood, tried. I was very happy she finally made a more prominent role in a film…. hell… being in a film in general with more then 5 mins of screen time and a one liner.

    The film’s use of her Diamond form was pretty practical and it made sense. It’s like her fingers become box-cutters for anything.

    The outfits were also to note: i loved them. They kept it Marvel enough and time representative enough to actually fit together, rather then make her look like a total tacky mess. I’m wishing there were more pictures of  her cute little cruise ship outfit.

    I’m really looking forward to the next two films and am excited to see how they’re going to spin her character. That scrapped “Inceptionish” battle she was supposed to have with Xavier…. that would’ve been awesome, but like the interviews have been stating… this is just an introductory movie… so heres to hoping theres more epic times ahead.

    On a last note… i can understand why they downplayed her powers though… i mean if you think about it… she would TOTALLY be OP’d in this film if she were completely like her current comic book self. That would alter scenes and stories for the film, and what you’d end up with is something too far out in a fantasy world, whereas keeping it on a slightly lower profile… it’s easier for people to identify with the characters and story. 

  • Dabrain930

    Overall, I did enjoy Emma’s dipiction on this film, even though there were inconsistencies. I enjoyed the fact that she’s just a capable a telepath as Charles which is true given their current standing in 616 canon.

    I found that in her prowess in her powers on the boat scene was very well done. She was able to telepathically subdue Erik before he could strike at Shaw, and even pick up the neuron signals to anticipate the knife heading toward Shaw, immediately shift into diamond to capture it, and then easily punch Erik out of the boat with superhuman strength. Shifting out of diamond, she sensed Charles presence and not only was she able to block Charles’ telepathic probes, she was able to block him out completely. It wasn’t a shift to diamond form, it was a complete disruption because Charles was unable to sense anyone else on the boat and was rendered useless.

    This bad-assness was absolutely Emma.

    And yet somehow in Russia, Emma was rendered so easily?? if she was able to punch Erik clear across the water in diamond form, how is she able to be taken down by two non-superhuman strengthed men? Are you kidding me? Was this the writers/director’s only way to have Emma be captured? And come on! Her diamond form breaking so easily? Regardless of Erik’s magnetic manipulation, that bedpost was BRASS. Diamond is the hardest material on earth, and diamond isn’t crushed, it’s cut with its flaws exploited. I don’t care how angrily induced Erik is, brass would not have been able to do that to diamond, especially near-perfect diamond as Emma Frost.

    And Charles entering her mind? You’re telling me she prevented Charles from detecting Shaw, Riptide, Azazael, and herself, and she couldn’t stop Charles in Russia? I’d like to believe she allowed him access to it, given her confidence in Shaw’s success. 

    Those two inconsistencies reminded me of Emma’s portrayal in X-Treme X-Men during the Bogan arc when she and Storm fought, and Emma stopped her psi-bolts to “modify” Storm’s behavior when she should know that Storm’s will and resistance to telepathy would be more difficult to succeed when it comes to mind-alteration, mind-control, mind-invasion applications of telepathy, and yet she did it anyway to allow Storm the upperhand. I mean, they couldn’t let Storm be stopped in in her own book right? I think same thing with that whole Emma vs. Erik/Charles encounter. For the story right?

    Other than that, Emma was portrayed awesomely. Remaining in that cell made sense to me regarding Emma. Emma’s never really been a frontline character. Her preference is behind the scenes, and only to be in the frontlines when aboslutely necessary. Her colleagues had offensive capabilities to the brim, and with Shaw’s “protection” from Charles, Emma wasn’t really needed and she knew it. Emma, above all else, is a survivalist.

    Any else found it interesting that the “void” had all reflective diamond-like material surrounding it and Charles only was able to gleam in once Erik shattered each one?

    • Jordan

      Yeah I was kind of annoyed that she got tackled in diamond form, i was expecting them to get thrown across the room and when that didn’t happen I was like :s – Emma DID let Charles into her mind though, what would be the point in fighting if she was already beaten anyway. I also disagree that Shaw leaving her in prison was out of character- it was totaly in character, to Shaw she’s not a queen, she’s a pawn, totaly expendable which is why he pretty much replaces her with Angel instead of making any effort to get her out. I think it was best Emma stayed where she was in the FBI place to, they weren’t hurting her and if she went back to Shaw he would have been a dick about her getting captured, I think her cutting the glass was to prove a point that if anytime she wanted to she could quite easily leave

  • Julienjohnlandry

    I think everybody on the set of X-Men : First Class should get a Chemistry course. Diamond cannot be break by metal that way. How patethic is that scene? I don’t know if all you guys are comics readers as I am but the White Queen I know is not that weak. She could’ve taken off Erik and Xavier in her diamond form. Then, she could haveve flee. And why does Shaw leave her there ? It minimizes their relationship. She does not seem that important to the Hellfire Club. Remember how Magneto went after the FBI to free Mystique in X3 ? That’s real parternship. Of course, I Know, before she gets shot. Oh and I didn’t appreciate the idea of Emma staying peacefuly in the CIA prison just like that. The Miss frost I know would have taken down all the cops in there without hesitation or made them believe she’s still in there.

    I think that the actress herself, January Jones didn’t get the way of speaking of her character. I always imagined Emma Frost as a woman with an incredible vocabulary and an astonishing pronunciation. To me, Jones looks like she could get some help to rpononce some owrds as ” equal chance of wiining”

    I do hope Emma will mentor Mystique in the sequel. Magneto goes to her knowing how powerful she is. I’d like to see Emma battle Xavier on the astral plan. I would like to see her betray Magneto’s people at some point. She could kill Azazel, Riptide and Angel (which should never have been part of the movie, by the way), that would be funny.

    • Centrexboy

      I agree, if the government didn’t know anything about mutants how could they just keep her in a secure cell without any psychic dampener? She could have easily taken down the whole CIA building with one thought. 

  • FrostQueen

    BUT WAIT! The big question is, WHY DID EMMA CRACK? It was stated in the comics that only a diamond bullet or anything diamond can crack her. The metal pole was suppose to crack, not her. It’s preposterous!

    • Niklas B

      Well, I guess you can assume the metal pole was held together and driven by Magneto’s powers. Wait, no need to assume, that’s how it happened! :)

      And considering he once ripped Wolverine’s adamantium out, it’s not such a stretch is it?

      Also keep in mind that hurricanes can embed hay straws into trees, even though tree is obviously stronger in many ways. It’s perfectly possibly to break diamond (even comic book diamond that walks around) with weaker materials as long as you apply enough force.

      • Dabrain930

        But when it comes to hay straws into trees or brick, those happen because of the speed, velocity, momentum, inertia, and force generated by those hurricane winds to make such an event possible. Granted, we don’t know what output Magneto was placing, but whatever ouput it was, the brass would have been broken before getting a dent on diamond.

        Hay straw, contact-to-contact, will bend and break before going through brick even by Storm’s hurriances. Put distance between the two, have Storm launch the straw from a distance with the force backed by those winds, the straw will penetrate.

        And looking back when Genosha fell and Emma’s diamond form first appeared, an entire building fell upon her, with material of motar, brick, and stone that was much much heavier, backed by the act of gravity falling upon her, and Emma came out unscathed.

        Magneto’s brass crushing is literally movie magic: a plot device that moves the story along that disregards prior events. I mean let’s face it, Emma knocked Erik clear from the yacht, and yet she was held down by Charles and Erik? She possessed enough superhuman strength to launch a person with impressive distance and yet no strength to break away from a football tackle?

        • FrostQueen

          I think the director wants to make the pretty girls weak. I don’t even know why they would even show Emma cracking in the movie. It’s a big disappointment. They ruined all their characters’ origins and now their powers. :| AND PLUS! Can’t mystique turn into almost living thing? Why won’t they let her turn into a cat or a lion or a Juggernaut-sized monster?

    • Centrexboy

      Her flaw could be in her neck area. But that would just make her shatter not crack. Diamonds shatter if struck in their flaw. 

      • Dabrain930

        Even if her flaw was in her neck area, brass isn’t a hard enough material to exploit it, regardless of Erik’s magnetic output. The material would break before the diamond’s structure compromised. Either proper momentum (i.e. backed by Storm’s hurricane winds to exploit the exact flaw location), adamantium, or vibranium, are what could have caused the diamond structure to compromise; what happened should not have happened.

        Plot device.

  • Centrexboy

    I definitely think this can re-boot the franchise. I loved JJ’s portrayal of Emma but like everyone else…gimme gimme gimme more Emma time…lol. If Miss. Jones truly did sign up for more films who knows? If Emma cannot age in her diamond form who’s to say a rather powerful bald telepath manages to place her in a coma while she is diamond form? remember while in diamond form according to the comics, Emma needs no sustenance, no air, no water etc. so she can definitely survive a decades long coma only to re-awaken a la’ Captain America in modern day times..or another possibility  is to simply re-boot the franchise and use this first team like the comic books Deadly Genesis story line ( in which it shows an original team created before Jean joined,  by Xavier which only Moira knew about, all members of the team except Darwin and Vulcan (Cylops and Havok’s younger brother) were killed) , and have Charles create a new team which can have the opportunity to train properly against Magneto and the Brotherhood. As much as I love Emma, I can definitely see a young Jean in her Marvel Girl go-go boots and miniskirt. My only disappointment is the death of Shaw (BTW what was up with the whole de-aging Nazi doctor thing? To give Kevin bacon more screen time? very silly. I guess they needed a reason for Magneto to have a blood feud with Shaw.They could have simply had Shaw’s father as an industrialist who has the young magneto working at a Shaw Industries death camp factory. While Magneto is slaving away at the factory, a young Sebastian Shaw and his father can simply walk by and have Sebastian have words with the young Magneto and humiliate him or even like in the film maybe shoot and kill a Lehnsherr family member. WOW where’s my ticket to Hollywood? gotta be a screenwriter…lol )  I think the Hellfire Club could have been a great behind the scenes mover and shaker in mutant politics. The only other thing I can think of is that Magneto will create a Brotherhood and have Emma aboard as his telepath against Charles Xavier. Oh and I also thought of how neat it was that Mystique leaves with Magneto at the end along with Azazel…who eventually become parents of Nightcrawler. Anyway, the movie was great! the story line was good and I can’t wait to see miss Jones as Emma …AGAIN! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/karlhall Karl Ian Hall

    I can’t believe she was taken down so easily by Xavier and Magneto in the Russian house!!! She’s freaking flawless diamond for cryin out loud and it’s ridiculous that Magneto could just almost crack her neck.

    ON the plus side, i love her costume when she entered the Russian house!! The fur box hat is classic Emma in the comics, first time when she was featured!

  • http://www.facebook.com/karlhall Karl Ian Hall

    ok NEARLY-flawless diamond.

  • FrostQueen

    What do you guys prefer? Mystique with scaly skin and slicked-back hair or with plain blue skin and flowy hair? And would you like her nude or wearing her signature white suit in the next film?

  • Khino

    I liked the movie. Don’t know if I prefer it to X2, but it sure is refreshing after X3 and Wolverine.

    As for Emma, I have a problem with the amount of screentime she got. Yeah, I know she was important to the plot and that X and Mags had to take her so they could get to Shaw, but it was way too early IMO. On the plus side, all the scenes she was there she had something to do.

    I think they made Emma quite powerful in movieverse. Like miss Jones said on one of her interviews, it took both Charles and Erik’s powers to defeat her: without Magneto, Xavier couldn’t do anything to Diamond Emma. Without Charles, Erik’s brain would be fried. It was so easy for her to mind-block Xavier and she was pretty badass when stopping Erik’s knife mid-air, then mind freezing him and punching him to the water, which makes the scene she was taken down even more anti-climatic.
    And I’m not even talking about her diamond form cracking (though that was odd too), I’m talking about two normal men taking down a super-strong diamond woman with so much ease. I mean, the plot armor those two received in that scene was so blatantly obvious. They could at least have made Emma throw the guys around a bit and while she was distracted punching Xavier have Magneto control the metal and hold her down. It would’ve made the fight less one-sided.

    Also, I know it’s a 60′s movie, but it’s Emma Frost we’re talking about. I saw no point in that scene Shaw… “asked” her to bring him ice.

    Let’s send a letter to January Jones and ask her to say “dear” or “darling” in place of “sugar”, “honey” or anything like that in the next movie, shall we? (just kidding)

    Does anyone remember if Emma was called White Queen at any point of the movie?

    • Centrexboy

      NO, I was waiting for someone to call her that or for Shaw to present her as WQ at the Atomic Club in Vegas but nothing. 

      • FrostBite

        yeah. nobody called her White Queen, just Emma Frost. but i liked the nod to the Kings and Queens title of the Hellfire club, when Shaw was talking to the recruits and he was like “we could live like Kings and Queens.”

        i hope it gets a sequel, and i want Havok to have a crush on her or something and Emma would be like “You’re too young for me dear Alex.Maybe you have an older brother?”

        anything, just anything to make the Scott & Emma fans giggle.

  • FrostQueen


    Oh, And I wish they’d stop giving Mystique that awful slick back OILY HAIR! She need flowy hair like she had in the cartoons and comic books!

    • LinBaugh

      I agree that I wish Emma had been more… Outgoing and devious and had a bigger part to play in First Class. However, I think the writers purposefully didn’t focus on her because the point of the movie was how the X-Men came about (even if it doesn’t fit the storyline of the comics and the other movies real well) and how Charles and Erik became friends and yet enemies at the same time. If Emma would have been portrayed the way she is in the comics, I think it would have taken away from the main idea of the film.

      But I also agree that I hope Emma ends up joining the X-Men. I would love to see her kicking ass! She is my favorite female character (Logan being my fav male character, obviously). On the other hand… I don’t like Cyclops much and if he and Jean are in the next movie, you know they’re going create a scandal with Emma and Scott of some kind. I don’t really want that.

      Either way, I’m looking forward the the sequel to this film, and the other X-Men films!

  • BlaireFrost

    I thought January Jones wan’t bad. I thought, for the most part, she played the cold, detached Emma well, though I didn’t feel like she was quite pompous enough, and it killed me for her not to have that faux-British accent. :) I’d liked to have seen her with more personal drive as well, instead of just following Shaw around.

    Of course, the scene of her being strangled with the bed post was ridiculous. Her diamond form only has a single flaw, and I’ve never seen it portrayed anywhere other than her face. Regardless, a brass bedpost isn’t going to shatter a diamond, no matter how hard you push. Not mention the fact that you can hear her choking, which is funny because while in her diamond form, she doesn’t need to breathe. And I understand in some depictions her diamond form only grants her extreme durability and not super strength(even though, on the yacht, she knocks the crap out of Erik), but a diamond the size of a human is going to be awfully heavy, and I don’t think the two of them would have so easily subdued her in the first place.

    And fetching ice for anyone’s, even Sebastian Shaw’s, drink is COMPLETELY ludicrous.

    As for Shaw leaving her imprisoned, I think it makes well enough sense. The Lords Cardinal were all very self-serving, and really only used each other as a means to an end. And escaping? Sure, she could’ve, and she made that known to them, but why bother? She was perfectly well-taken care of and safe there. She didn’t really have any reason to leave.

    Her costumes were alright, but I’d really liked to have seen Emma in more whimsical, extravagant pieces. I think they were too simple for her. Even though she doesn’t wear a lot, her wardrobe is always intricate and loud.

    Overall, though, I enjoyed it. I mean, come on, it’s Emma Frost.

    • Brianfsteffensen

      Hang On!

      In Wolverine: Origins, Emma is imprisoned with other young mutants, by the Mutant X program (that had just created Deadpool). At the end of the movie she is saved by Wolverine and her sister?? (along with Scott Summers and other mutants). She is then (apparantly) taken in by Professor X.
      How does square with her in the Hellfire Club and going off with Magneto at the end of X Men: First Class movie!???
      There seems to be some serious discontinuity issues here, unless someone can put these two (apparently conflicting) time lines together for me. Why had no one else mentioned this???

      • Khino

        I think the directors disconsidered x3 and Wolverine Origins when doing this movie. There are other minor discontinuities (like Xavier being in a wheelchair by the end of First Class while he was walking on Origins), but Emma does seem to be the biggest one.

        I think no one mentioned this before you because people have discussed it already. Last year, Emma was one of the very first characters to be confirmed for the movie (just after Charles and Magneto) and I’ve saw people complaining about this problem since then. I guess those people just got over it.