Rendering Emma Frost’s diamond form for ‘X-Men: First Class’

Rhythm and Hues spoke to FX Guide about making Emma Frost’s diamond form for “X-Men: First Class.” They recently spoke to about Emma’s diamond form as well.

Once into production, and with January Jones cast as Frost, Rhythm developed further concept art to see what would read in diamond form. “One of the problems we had was having all the facets on the surface that had a certain thickness and size, so it was hard to read the facial features, even if you added CG eyes. We distilled down what really made up her features – her eyes and lips and eyebrows and hair, and then went about building the model from scratch in 3D. We would find that a certain density of facets would give a nice shape to certain areas but then over-complicate other areas.”

On set, the standard gray and chrome balls were used to gather reference, along with a four inch cubic zirconia purchased specifically for the film to aid in how a diamond surface would reflect the surroundings. “It wasn’t like a standard effects shoot,” notes Steele. “Matthew would shoot the whole sequence from the beginning all the way to the end, and then get different coverage from different positions. Because Frost was coming in and out of diamond form during the sequences, we didn’t have the luxury of putting her in an mo-cap or tracking suit. So we had to grin and bear it and do the hard core match-moving work. We used witness cameras to help us along, but in the end it took a long time to match-move the performance.”

Source via Making Mutants for ‘X-Men: First Class’