Emma Frost’s would-be return in ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’

Associate producer and writer Joshua Fine of “Wolverine and the X-Men” let out some spoilery details about the would-be return of Emma Frost in season 2. Following Emma’s supposed death when her diamond form shattered, her consciousness would have been stuck inside Jean Grey, who would eventually release it and restore it back to Emma’s body – similar to Grant Morrison’s New X-Men plot. The relationship between Emma and Scott would be developed more, as well as a love triangle between the three. However, the tv series got canceled, so her return is unlikely nowadays.

LUCAS: How was Emma Frost’s return going to happen?

JOSH: Wait, wait, wait, who said Emma was coming back? :-)

Man, this was actually one of the coolest ideas that we had during development… okay I guess I’ll give you this one. HUGE SPOILER AHEAD that doesn’t matter anymore.

The thought was that just as Emma shattered and released the Phoenix Force into the aether, she was able to reach out and implant her consciousness on Jean. Through the beginning of the second season episodes, we were seeding some very subtle hints about this—showing a few of Emma’s mannerisms, memories, and knowledge seeping out into Jean’s thoughts and actions. Ultimately we planned to show Jean realizing what had happened, but deciding to keep Emma repressed—imprisoned essentially—in her mind, until some critical moment when Jean would finally realize the need for Emma and help to revive her. We were also planning to homage the memorable scene from the comics of Beast rebuilding Emma’s shattered diamond form.

LUCAS: Also, would we have seen Cyclops start a relationship with Emma? If so, how would Jean take it?

JOSH: This was actually still a bit up in the air when we closed down shop. Part of the plan for Cyclops’s arc in the present day was to start to return him to the way that he used to be—a hero and a born leader—now that Jean is safely back on the team. We were even going to introduce a new costume for him, putting him back in the blue and yellow as he shed the black and grey of his mourning. We’d designed that costume as well as a Yellow and Blue look for Jean, both inspired by the Jim Lee era of X-Men comics, some of my favorite costumes for them. The Jean one in particular was one of my favorites that we’d ever done.

But part of Cyclops was of course going to be pining for Emma, and Jean (being a psychic and, you know, a somewhat observant gal) would certainly pick up on this. And it would likely play into the timing and manner of Emma’s return.

SOURCE: Facebook’s Save X-Men Campaign


  • http://twitter.com/xppdm xppdm

    it was a good show….

  • Mikey

    I’d of loved to see this happen- such a shame.

    Would of nice to also see if Emma got a new costume, since Scott and Jean did

  • ernie

    is there any chance of getting them to pick it back up? a petition of some sort? i hate that it was a really good show and failed yet there is terrible trash for shows still on nicktoons…ugh

    • Khino

      The link Aimee posted at the end leads to “1 million to save Wolverine and the X-Men” on facebook. It’s kinda like a petition and on former interviews producers have said they are aware there’s a good amount of people who would like the show to be brought back.

      However, with interviews like this, with Josh giving away major spoilers, I doubt the show will be back. Even if it does, I suppose there will be some huge changes to the story.

      A shame, really. It’s awesome that they considered bringing Emma back in the same fashion the comics did, it shows they really paid attention to the source material. And Beast is another favorite of mine, I wanted him and Emma to interact a lot more on the cartoon… Him “fixing” her would help with that. 

  • psionic

    This would have been absolutely amazing, and now I’m even more infuriated by the fact it ended!