Two reports from an early ‘X-Men: First Class’ screening

Robbie Collin said on Twitter he saw “X-Men: First Class” at an early screening and reports a positive experience. In a Twitter response, he said the movie was “a few minutes shy of two hours if (his) memory serves (correctly).”

But at Bleeding Cool, Brendon Connelly reports the movie is just over two hours.

Connelly gives a relatively quick, spoiler-free review and says “there’s even a range of reasons that explain why Emma Frost is always dressed the way she is” in the movie. He also notes that some characters, such as Riptide and Azazel, get short-sighted but does not mention Emma’s lack of screen time.

But, overall, is it a good movie?

“Oh, hell yes. I really would recommend you go see it,” he said in the blog post.

“X-Men: First Class” is in theatres June 1 in the UK and June 3 in the US!