Karl Bollers likes Emma Frost

The “Emma Frost: Ultimate Collection” TPB is on stands today, so the Marvel Trades Departments got Karl Bollers for an interview. Here’s what he has to say:

ME: What was it like writing the Emma Frost series?
Karl Bollers: Emma was the hottest chick I ever wrote. She really got inside my head.

Me: Ha! I get it. (‘Cuz she’s a telepath!)
Karl: We had something.

Me: So you connected with the character?
Karl: We really, really had something.

Me: Can you…
Karl: Then she went and dumped me for that loser Scott Summers.

Me: Cyclops?
Karl: What a @%*€! Anyway…bygones, right?

Me: Hmm, is there anything you can tell the blog readers about Emma Frost? Something they should know if they’re reading this series for the first time?
Karl: She’s not a real blonde, y’know…
Uh…wait a minute… how did you get my number again?

Me: Well, that’s all the time we have for today, thanks Mr. Bollers.