Emma Frost battles Magneto in ‘X-Men: First Class’

The Daily Mail interviewed January Jones, and she said the toughest stunts involved the wire-work with Michael Fassbender:

I was nearly decapitated by the stunt wires in X-Men.

The most difficult stunts were with Michael Fassbender, where I was spinning in the air on those wires. While my stunt double did a lot of the harder stuff, I’ve always been very sporty and the stunts and action are part of the fun. As Emma Frost I’m telepathic, and I can turn into a diamond, which means I’m very, very cold. I always wear white: lots of iridescent stretch leather, lots of sparkle, and ass-kicking white boots.

So, we now know Emma gets at least two battle scenes with the top dogs of the movie: Xavier and Magneto!


  • Mikey

     I don’t really think she’ll battle him; more like unaware he’s there and he sends her spiraling back

    • Aimee

      This is true. Should have probably tamed down the headline before my excitement jumped the gun. :)

  • Roomdess

    Show her Psychic Diamond Wave off as fast as possible bfore this movie will be end ! it should appear power of the Diamond Force. and she should be doing about mind rage about all combine between her Diamond Form and her telepathy and her hypnotyst power ! it’s really strong her power ! who will be the winner Emma Frost or Magneto ??

  • Jordan

    Yeah i’m guessing she’s just going to get thrown about, the way this is going Emma’s sounding more dangerous than Shaw 

    • Aimee

      Shaw’s going to be the main baddie in this, so it’s unlikely Emma will be presented more dangerous than Shaw. ….But time will tell!