Total Film’s Magazine Covers for ‘X-Men: First Class’

Total Film’s exclusive four covers of “X-Men: First Class” include a group shot and three individual covers of Professor X, Magneto and Emma Frost in all their 60s glory. The magazine’s cover date is marked for June 2011, so theoretically, the issue should be out sometime this month.

I found this via a poster at CBR, and I couldn’t find the covers on Total Film’s website, so more details to come!


  • Mikey

    Personally, I think the skirt’s too much; they could of at least gave her shorts or trousers- now she really does look like a cheap prostitute… Also, gloves wouldn’t of been bad :’)

    • Niklas B

      For some reason it seems almost everyone who comments on female comic book costumes in general and Emma Frost’s in particular is intimately familiar with cheap prostitutes.

      Wonder why what is? ;)

      The source seems to be ComicBookMovie.

      Again with the cheap in the comments, but this time it’s about pornos :)

  • Jordan

    See, to me it shouldn’t matter what Emma’s wearing or how little cover she has, as long as she carries herself in a way that says “My outfit doesn’t make me, get out of my way before i whither your soul with a single look.” (or something along those lines xD)

  • airdreams

    some emma’s cosplay costumes look better than this one imo.
    i photoshoped a corset on it…

  • Shark

    I’d comment on Frost but I’m too busy picturing Fassbender naked.