Chris Yost talks ‘X-Men: First to Last’

“X-Men Giant Size” #1 starts Chris Yost’s First to Last arc, where the original 5 X-Men return in flashbacks and the present day X-Men face the Evolutionaries, who intend to save the X-Men. In a letterless page, Scott dreams of Jean but wakes up seeing Emma. What is the crux of what is going on in “X-Men: First to Last”?
Chris Yost:
A new threat called the Evolutionaries has come to Utopia, not to destroy the X-Men but instead to save them. It just so happens that in order to save the X-Men, the Evolutionaries are prepared to do something unthinkable. And what’s more, this isn’t the first time the X-Men have met these entities. It’s just the first time they remember. What kind of role does the “across the eras” element play?
Chris Yost:
Over the course of the story, we’ll see the first meeting of the X-Men and the Evolutionaries back in the “First Class” days, and how that meeting radically changed how the Evolutionaries are dealing with the X-Men today. We’ll see how the X-Men have changed from those days in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to the small army that Cyclops has assembled on Utopia. Do Wolverine and Emma Frost slot into the Best and Marvel Girl roles in some way as has been alluded to in the teaser art?
Chris Yost:
They’re the evolution of the First Class into today’s darker, harder-edged X-Men. Cyclops has changed, Angel has changed, Iceman has changed, but the two characters that most represented the innocence, the hope, the optimism—it’s pretty telling that they’re gone and Emma Frost and Wolverine stand among the X-Men now. This is what the X-Men have to be to survive, it seems to be saying.
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