‘X-Men Origins: Emma Frost’ Comic

X-Men Origins: Emma Frost comic announced.In CBR X-Position: X-Editors, Marvel mentions the release a one-shot titled “X-Men Origins: Emma Frost.” Her siblings will also appear in the one-shot, according to Nick Lowe.

2) Any plans for Emma’s surviving siblings (Cordelia and the brother)?

Lowe: Madroxdupe420, don’t believe every rumor you hear. Why would you think “Second Coming” has anything to do with the Phoenix? As for Emma’s surviving siblings, they make a brief appearance in the upcoming “X-Men Origins: Emma Frost” one-shot, but not beyond there for the time being.

SOURCE: CBR: X-Position: X-Editors


  • NB

    Hopefully Marvel can get Morrison back just to write this one! :)

    PS. Seems the poll is broken?

  • Aimee

    @NB Yeah, it’s broken. I’ll try to fix it this weekend — maybe next weekend. I’ve been so busy lately!

  • NB

    No rush, I voted before it broke ;)

    Hm, wonder if something can be read into “for the time being”. Seem to imply there could be something more later. Could of course also be a more polite way of saying “fat chance”.

  • http://www.poizonazn.com dez k

    With all the Dead that’ve been coming back, who’ve played significant rolls in Emma’s life, i’m surprised Adrienne hasn’t popped up yet

  • NB