Marvel announces ‘Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis’

The Astonishing X-Men series will get a reboot starting with “Xenogenesis.” The new arc will start in May with Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews, a new artist for Marvel.

By TJ Dietsch

For an age to be considered truly heroic, a few other adjectives just have to be in place: Fantastic. Uncanny. Amazing. And the latest addition to the hallowed list: Astonishing.

With that in mind, Marvel will be expanding its Astonishing line with a number of new books and where would said imprint be without the group that started it all, the X-Men? Editor Axel Alonso decided to mix two great tastes in a new cocktail with writer Warren Ellis and artist Kaare Andrews on ASTONISHING X-MEN: XENOGENESIS, which kicks off with a bang in May.

“The inciting incident is a whopper,” Alonso promises. “In a small hospital in East Africa, a newborn baby suddenly sprouts metal electrodes and explodes. Is this the first sign of the rebirth of the mutant gene? The X-Men set off to find out.”

Fans should expect to see the core ASTONISHING X-MEN cast of Wolverine, Beast, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Colossus and Armor as well as plenty of other faces both familiar and new in this story that may or may not reignite the mutant race. But even with such high stakes, Alonso assures the story won’t be difficult for new readers to jump right in:

“Like all arcs of ASTONISHING X-MEN, it’s a self-contained read. It’s not deeply woven into the subplots that are taking place in, say, UNCANNY X-MEN, X-FORCE or X-MEN: LEGACY, but it sure as hell counts. XENOGENESIS is a clean, accessible read. It offers a massive hook to get you into the story, whether you’re an X-Men fanatic or just a casual reader.”

SOURCE: Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis


  • George

    Ok, I have mixed feelings about this, another X-Book? Ugh. I’m sure I’ll collect it since I collect all of them. Regarding the picture. Is it official? Is Storm redoing her mohawk? Beast is outdated but cool looking. Wolvie looks hot in this pic. Emma looks like a drunk slut. Hisako actually looks kinda cool.

  • Luis

    Agree Emma looks awfull on that picture. I don’t like Hisako or Storm too. So far Wolverine is the only one that looks acceptable to me.

  • NB

    I think it looks rather cool. Much better than some recent Uncanny artists at least.

    Emma could perhaps use a few tweaks yet.

  • Shark

    It’s not a ‘new’ X-book. It’s still Astonishing. And aren’t babies with powers killcrops instead of mutants?

  • Aimee

    I agree…it is still Astonishing, though lists it as a new book – which is odd.

  • NB

    Technically it is no longer Astonishing. That was an ongoing book, but this is just a five issue mini-series, with a new artist even if the writer is the same.

    It might well be there will be no more at all when it ends; perhaps Marvel will switch to Astonishing Avengers or something else then.

  • David

    You know, I was thinking… since this is mini with a punk look and feel, the design for Emma could be a little Debbie Harry: dirty blonde cropped hair, a black and white costume and high heels.

    Other than that, it seems like an awesome idea to have this parallel self contained publication with a sci-fi twist.

  • Luis

    Aimee, Emma is involved in a new story on Marvel called “Heralds” along other marvel women like She Hulk, Hellcat and Valkyrie and many others, there’s no much information, just a video and the cover, here:

    I hope that this will be a serious story with super heroines, and not just another Marvel Divas. On a side note, I like that Emma is being considered on the covers for the first issue. ^^
    And here’s a screenshot of the video that I got from a post from the CBR forums. Thanks to nikbackm for the screenshot:

  • NB

    @Luis: You’re welcome.

    Here’s some fresher info though.

    Also sharper (and more) pictures:

  • Luis

    @NB: No problem ^^
    And thanks again for the info :)
    I love both covers but my favorite is the second one with the “Illuminati” pose. Note that Emma is the only one on thet cover with a white/cold aura while the others are in a red/warm aura, perhaps she’s the leader on this team :)

  • NB

    Something tells me Brand will be the leader, or at least originator of the team.