Emma Frost Modern & Retro Statues from Bowen Designs

Bowen Designs will release two statues in April and May 2010 of Emma Frost consisting of her modern costume and her old White Queen outfit:

White Queen Modern statue
Price: $180.00
Sculpted by: Mark Newman
Shipping: $17.00
Release Date: April 2010
Dimensions: Over 12″ tall

White Queen Retro statue
Sculpted by: Mark Newman
Price: $170.00
Release Date: May 2010
Dimensions:Over 12″ tall
Price: $180.00

Source: Marvelousnews.com


  • Luis

    I like both.
    The only detail I hated was the white lipstick in her Astonishing statue. For me, white looks acceptable in comics, but doesn’t look good in the statue.
    Red (or even blue) was a better option.

  • http://www.poizonazn.com dez k

    OMG i need these

  • NB

    I’d like one, or both of these, but it would be a bit embarrassing to have them on display. And locking them away seems a waste.

    Any good suggestions? :)

    The Astonishing version is of course a bit more tasteful.