IGN Reveals MUA 2 Character Profiles

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2IGN reveals new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 character profiles every couple of days. Yes, again, it may not be too late for Emma Frost. Currently, Spider-Woman, Lady Deathstrike, War Machine and Hercules have been revealed. We’ll keep you updated if Emma Frost ever gets mentioned.

IGN: Touring the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Universe


  • http://foxxfireart.deviantart.com/ FoxxFire Art

    I just find it funny how Jean was confirmed for this game so quickly when she wasn’t even playable in the first game, and her character wasn’t even alive during the Civil War story this is based upon.

  • Karolina

    I agree with Foxx. Emma played a pivotal place in Wolverine’s special issues and Jean only had one mention.

    But then again, Jean never did stay dead for long.

  • http://Yahoo.com Cletus Jamal

    thats a freaky thought, the civil war’s going on and jean pops out of her grave like,”ooh, i wanna play!”