SDCC: Wolverine & the X-Men Returns for Season 2

EDIT: At the time this article was posted, Marvel announced Wolverine and the X-Men will return for season 2. Since this is now not the case anymore, Wolverine & the X-Men is not returning for season 2.

Wolverine and the X-Men, Promotional Art.The Marvel Animation Panel at the San Diego Comicon addresses the not-so-distant future of “Wolverine and the X-Men.” Though not new news, the show will return for season 2, which will focus on an alternate future of the X-Men. No news of Emma’s fate is mentioned, however.

“Wolverine and the X-Men” was next on the agenda with a sentinel battle previewed on the screen. The panel addressed the continuity differences between the animated series other incarnations of the team and also had their voice actors comment on performing for the show. “It was amazing, a little kid’s dream come true for me – as a comic fan, what could be better. Just sitting in the room listening to those voices come alive was just amazing,” said Blum.

“It’s a wonderful cast and a pleasure to work with them,” said North.

Kyle added, “[Making the show] was about putting Wolverine in a place where he can’t solve problems just with his claws, taking a character who never wanted to be a leader…”

“Yes I did,” Blum interrupted in the voice of Wolverine, to audience laughter.

The show will venture into darker territory soon with Angel becoming Archangel after making a deal with Sinister. Wolverine will get captured and copied by the sentinels, who will build laser-clawed “Tracker” sentinels. Also, new characters will debut in season two including Havok, Magik, and Deadpool.

Source via CBR: CCI: Marvel Animation


  • logansan

    u guys suck donkey dick emma frost is hot and that is the only reason i want to see her. and besides she is uuuuhhhhhh juuuust okay character. there are others who are the icons of the show helllo……… ya that’s right “WOLVERINE”.

  • OroroJames

    Hey guys!

    1.****SUPPOSEDLY**** JANUARY 23, 2010 is the release date of the second season. (And oddly, my birthday)

    2. An AoA storyline is obvious, but that ***WAS NOT CYCLOPS**** on the platform with Mr. Sinister in the last episode… think about it. :) It is NATE GREY the test tube baby Mr. Sinister formed from the genetics of Jean and Scott when he captured them. Nate is a pretty powerful guy, so in this series, you can blame Wolverine, for not getting those vials of DNA back, if Nate kills anyone. lol!

    3. Colossus is supposedly going to have a bigger presence in season two as well.

    4. I can’t wait! WHooooot!!!!

    5. I want more Storm. Period.

  • Matt

    it was infact Cyclops on the platform with Sinister on the last episode. thats how Cyclops looked in the AoA reality. But Nate Grey is still a possiblity

  • Cenker

    As i recall the AoA storyline from the comic book i can say that there is a One eyed Cyclops who has been raised with his brother Havok by the Sinister himself.

    But in the TV show there is a no sinister influenced Cyclops , so there must be some radical events that makes Cyke change sides.

    As i remember Cyke had fighted with Wolvy which left him one eyed(like Cyclops :P) and the Wolverine One handed…

    I think that will happen again and the reason will be Jealousy over Jean or something like that…Cyclops was questioning his loyalty since the beggining and after this fight he will quit x-men and Sinister will be there for him. And i think AoA Sinister is cooler than the mainstream….

    But i am so confused right now…Cause at the end of the the Season 2 the AoA will also be undone…

    Nice to hear about Deadpools debut….But Deadpool was also different in AoA in comic books and he was going by the name “Dead Man Wade” i hope they introduce the Deadpool before AoA era.

  • Matthew

    I don’t believe cyclops ends up being bad in the future cause if you remember Sinister took Jean and Scott’s DNA, and that might be what they do with it create a new mutant that has Jean and Scott’s abilities but will have to wait and see. Oh and trust me they will bring back Emma. Also does anyone know the exact release date of season 2, I’m itchin for a fixin of x-men.

  • Cenker

    This is also a possibility but the guy who is standing at the balcony with sinister lookssame as AoA cyclops

    also i may guess that emo cyke from WXM series has a willing side to turn to other side.

    in the other hand at the end of season 1 cyke seems happy to find the jean at last…so it’s hard for him to break up from x-men , unless wolvy makes something stupid :D

  • Super__Villain

    Whoever thought Colossus was in the first series… I think you’re talking about Avalanche (part of Pietro’s brotherhood)

    Somebody really thinks that Cyclops makes a good leader? It’s worked before, but it always leads to dull, boring, expected outcomes. That’s one of the coolest things about putting Wolverine in charge. Besides the point, Scott has a really awesome power but I haven’t heard anyone say they actually like him.

    This show is awesome. A lot of the die-hards out there are crying about the Wolverine centered storylines, but I’ll point out that there are only like 2 episodes dealing with the Weapon-X facility (keep in mind they revolve a lot around Maverick and his daughter who are pretty unknown) and another 2 episodes that are Wolverine centered. Considering the show’s title, 2/13ths isn’t a huge fraction of time he takes from everyone else. Noone seems to mind the episodes that revolve heavily around Nightcrawler or Gambit!

    I would like to see characters like Storm and Rogue get some more action, though. How cool would it be for Rogue to turn Ms. Marvel again?

  • wolverine & xmen_fan

    hi im a big fan of wolverine and the xmen….so does anyone knw when season 2 comes in the uk

  • http://don'thaveawebsite! obssesed watxm fan!

    I agree with not so much logan stuff-its about the team, hello?!- though if they’re gonna have it make it good… what i really want is the nightcrawler-scarlet witch romance-its kinda classic, pretty girl, character-beats-looks-guy, in love… i want emma back but it would be a dramatic and awesome affect to make last season’s shatter her end! she did after all die by saving them all…someone said magick’s on this season…kurt’s sister-love 2 see him choose between her and wanda-though i want wanda 2 win she’s cool as!-and i want future nocturne peoples!-i also wanna know more about kurt and i wanna know who else shares my hopes…!

  • hbt

    So nothing about season 2? still cancelled? how can they do this?? leave everyone like this!?

  • Alex summers

    All of you join 1 million to save wolverine and the xmen on Facebook do it!!!

  • WeaponXXX


    Just to let everyone know, in the comic series Cyclops does join up with Apocalypse as part of the Elite Mutant Force, however he is a double agent, really working to free people from the breeding pens. Jean helps him escape after Havok exposes him as a traitor and tries to kill him. So all you Cyclops fans can take a deep breath….everything is going to be okay.

  • Teezy

    ok everybody complaining about too much wolverine can suck it…. hes probably the best xman n most famous n emma doesnt make the show good shes just a part of it in the second season she will be in the future only until they revive her in the past towards the end

  • Ranger Drive

    On April 13, 2010, Comics Continuum reported that according to an inside source a second season of the series seems very unlikely. On April 15, 2010, Marvel Animation Age confirmed the recent report that Wolverine and the X-Men will not be returning for a second season. At C2E2, the Marvel animation panel consisting of Joe Quesada, Arune Singh, and Josh Fine stated that the reason for the cancellation is because they were unable to work out the financing for the show with their financing partner.


  • James William

    There must be a wolverine and the x men 2. absolutely sure, it’s about ( Age of Apocalypse ).

    Age of Apocalypse

    In the dark reality known as Age of Apocalypse, Selene apparently became a Horseman of Apocalypse known as Death. She assisted in the Cape Citadel raid on the United States Nuclear Defense Arsenel by drainning the life force of the soldiers that were defending Cape Citadel. When the Horsemen were confronted by the X-Men, Death was defeated by Storm in combat, but survived to escape in Apocalypse’s Celestial Ship. Death was most likely killed in a battle for succession as the Inhuman named Maximus would adopt her moniker and become the second Horseman called Death.

  • Pepe

    i hope rogue will be able to fly now, cuz now shes not as awesome haha

  • marlon

    the series was cancelled due to finacial issues

  • marlon

    join one million to save wolverine and the xmen on facebook

  • Maia

    Why does it say at the top and bottom of the paragraphs “Wolverine & the X-Men is not returning for season 2.” but the passage says it will be returning . . .?????

    • Aimee

      At the time the article was written, Marvel said WATXM was returning for season 2. Since it’s not returning anymore, I had to edit the article and say it’s not returning.

  • Rad-hi

    wen is it coming out?? plz rely

    • Carlosbutler25

      i want season 2 to comeout i loved the show and the aoa series


     it is a very cool did that of transitions in present to future. I view this version of Xmen as a very excellent job to those who made it. I want to see also the next episode and if emma will be revive, I suggest she will focus on wolverine instead of cyclops. that would be better. and also, a comment on cyclops, I do hope he will be not that stupid after all. I am really disapointed the way he act. He is totally a very stupid moron just seeking LOVE while at WAR!. that is not realistic to me. thats all, also, I am looking forward of Gambit to be in Xmen season 2 as Jubilee is coming. I like their team up and love story in the XMEN tv series.

  • Housewife

    there needs to be a second season u end with one thats fcking lame as sht dont even put an ending to the last episode if there wont be one…

  • scrappycoco

    Magik’s my favorite can’t wait to see her in season 2 and i hope colossus is there because there brother and sister can’t wait when is it coming?

  • fxshineesnsd

    When is it coming out? I’m so excited!

  • Deviarw

    1.More Storm
    2.Less Wolverine background
    3.Cyclops(present) trying to stop a evil self(future) that works for sinister