SDCC: Wolverine & the X-Men Returns for Season 2

EDIT: At the time this article was posted, Marvel announced Wolverine and the X-Men will return for season 2. Since this is now not the case anymore, Wolverine & the X-Men is not returning for season 2.

Wolverine and the X-Men, Promotional Art.The Marvel Animation Panel at the San Diego Comicon addresses the not-so-distant future of “Wolverine and the X-Men.” Though not new news, the show will return for season 2, which will focus on an alternate future of the X-Men. No news of Emma’s fate is mentioned, however.

“Wolverine and the X-Men” was next on the agenda with a sentinel battle previewed on the screen. The panel addressed the continuity differences between the animated series other incarnations of the team and also had their voice actors comment on performing for the show. “It was amazing, a little kid’s dream come true for me – as a comic fan, what could be better. Just sitting in the room listening to those voices come alive was just amazing,” said Blum.

“It’s a wonderful cast and a pleasure to work with them,” said North.

Kyle added, “[Making the show] was about putting Wolverine in a place where he can’t solve problems just with his claws, taking a character who never wanted to be a leader…”

“Yes I did,” Blum interrupted in the voice of Wolverine, to audience laughter.

The show will venture into darker territory soon with Angel becoming Archangel after making a deal with Sinister. Wolverine will get captured and copied by the sentinels, who will build laser-clawed “Tracker” sentinels. Also, new characters will debut in season two including Havok, Magik, and Deadpool.

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  • FoxxFire Art

    I must be spacing a bit, but I don’t remember Colossus in the show.
    Really, if Emma isn’t revived I will lose my reason to even watch the second season. I did love how they played how Emma’s loyalties are unknown till pretty much the last episode.
    My biggest complaint was that the show was too focused on Wolverine’s back story.

    • LizardBjeaolus


  • FoxxFire Art

    No, remember that originally AoA was an alternate reality that happened in real time. It was the the world without Xavier to create the X-Men.
    What they have in the animation is a possible future. Much like the world Bishop came from. The X-Men averted that future, but just seemed to create another one, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. First it was an anti mutant future. Now it’s a world run by mutants.
    The series has mimicked events in the comics. The choose to shatter Emma in diamond form. She was revived in the comics from that state.
    The title does give just cause to the action, but it makes your story weaker.

  • Cassie


  • The Skycutter

    Wolverine & the X-Men Returns for Season 2!!! YES!

    I hope Emma survives also! I look forward to seeing Colossus & Deadpool in the series!

    I have to disagree, I like the show being focused on Wolverine, but I’m sure that will change as the series continues!

    Wolverine & the X-Men is a Great show!

  • kinheritance

    I just want to know when we get to see the 2nd season.

    But I totally want Emma to return!


    Do any body knows an official website for Screen Caps of Wolverine & the X-Men????

  • Elias Castillo

    Please, put on sale all the toys shown in the episodes. I’m trying to collect them all but neither the dolls (storm, shadowcat, nor emma frost) are on sale. That’s not fair, I also want the angel, professor, and night crawler and are so hard to be found. I’m afraid I won’t be able to complete my collection because of that. Do something about it, I’m asking for your help. Thanks!

  • cal

    I look forward to the return of Wolverine and the X-Men. I agree with many of the points such as, too much Wolverine though as stated the show is Called Woverine and… I’m sure Emma Frost will return as she was shattered in the comic and revives by Jean Grey, speaking of which i’m soooo glad she has returned and look forward to soem Jeanie action. I would also love to see more Psylocke as I am a big telepath fan.

  • Sasha V

    So i heard that Emma Frost will be revived by the pheonix. Emma Frost is like the most powerful mutant ever. I love her she is sooooo cool

  • http://google CHUBBS!

    YAY!! SEASON TWO!!!! I totally hope Emma returns she was my fav and if she did return there would be that whole Cyclops/Jean/Emma love triangle and that would TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Finigin

    Yay Deadpool! please let him be a recurring character!
    I mean really, he could be working in the Future for Apocalypse then decide to help Charles’s rebellion because he meet the X-men before.
    I can honestly picture their first meeting, Deapool Steals Cyclops’s Car and smash’s it into a wall just for the heck of it!

  • romie

    cyclops is raised by sinister in the aoa future so he has to be against the x-men in season 2

  • Demon Overlord Robert

    I like the way you think Tim, but Deadpool is a man’s man!
    He drinks manly manly beer,and he eats manly meat,He wear’s manly tight dress’s and claims he’s not insane; except in a manly way~

  • zhamir

    I have been a huge fan of the x-men and really enjoy the current show. However the show doesn’t really give storm any attention. She’s very quiet and one of the first ones taken down in battle. I would love to see her more because in the comics storm was a big part of the action.

  • Sasha V

    i completely agree! she always gets taken down but in the comics she is always one of the last ones standing in my opinion she is like top 5 mutants in the world she should definitely get more attention.

  • #1 bigest fan in the world

    xmen is my most favorite show in the world and i allways had a fanticy of being an x men and emma should be in the show like have her mind stuck in the astrolplane if u dont now what that means play xmen legens the first 1and hor the creator pls email me at

  • #1 bigest fan in the world

    and cyclopes does not have to be bad becouse the future is allways changing and i fope all the xmen reunite

  • Brian

    I’m glad to hear Colossus, Magik & Deadpool will show up. I just hope we have less Wolverine this time around as last season was mostly boring especially the 70-100% Wolverine filled episodes. Also Storm and Forge need better stories in the series as they seem to just hang out with the X-Men for hanging out sake.

  • SC

    I just completed watching the first season, and it really picked up towards the 2nd half after they took some focus away from spotlighting Wolverine. Cyclops will be bad in the future but good in the present. That should be interesting to see a character fighting to stop himself from turning evil in the days ahead of him.

    I’m not really a fan of Wolverine being the leader of the team, since Cyclops has that job in all of the books. However, they do give Cyclops a badass persona at times. Stay away from the Wolverine-only episodes, keep it a team story, (like the original cartoon) and the outcome will be great.

  • Gyro

    Interesting how you say hes ‘bad’ in the future, I suspect its a lot more complicated than that…but I agree that the wolverine only episodes like about his history are quite boring.

    I just hope they keep magneto as a major character in the apocalypse season because hes the most interesting character in my opinion.

  • Frost Fan

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Emma won’t have a big part in Season 2. Her main purpose in season 1 was to be a substitute for Jean. Now that Jean is back, I doubt that they’d have 2 people on the team with such similar powers.

    My guess is that somewhere around the middle of the season Frost will have a 2 or 3 episode storyline where she comes back as the phoenix. However, the power will be too much for her to handle and she’ll give the phoenix up to Jean (like in the comics). After that Emma will probably just make guest appearances and they”ll continue to explorer the love triangle with her Jean and Scott.

  • Master Jimmy

    Must admit, I do entirely skip the Wolverine-focused episodes… especially the ones that center on the Weapon X story-line. I mean, come on, is there ANYONE on this Earth that is an X-Men fan that has not already seen Weapon X hashed, rehashed, refried, then micro-waved and served up again and again and again? Well, since the Origins movie somehow made a profit telling the origin story of Wolverine’s jacket, motorcycle, and nickname, I’ll believe anything at this point. But I must admit I was pleasantly surprised and indeed, I thought it would be even worse considering the title.

    I’m giddy to hear there will be more Colossus and… MAGIK? RULE!! I’ve often said that there are so few Colossus fans because for the past ten years or so… they’ve been given NO REASON to. No dialogue, the tiniest bit of action, and no romance. Colossus has had the most touching and tender romances over the years, and for heaven’s sake, keep him STRAIGHT. I swear I have nothing against gays; stick as many in the show as you damn well like to. But please… not Colossus. Please? Rogue, Kitty Pride, even Zsaji who gave her life for him (for anyone who remembers Secret Wars). Legitimately good people in the X-Men are lacking these days. We need some good-hearted purity.

    Give new fans a reason to like Colossus! Magik is a good way….

  • Shom

    One question: Does anyone know when Wolverine and the X-Men Season 2 will come out? Air date? Month Year?

  • knoart52

    when will they give rouge all of her powers and show the love between wolverine and storm

  • Mark

    Hey some of us are saying on this MSG Board that there should be less wolverine and more X-men! You do realize it’s called “Wolverine and the X-Men” for a reason lol. Iron Man had a movie and than a cartoon show. So did the Fantastic four, Spider-man. When the first X-men movie came out they put on X-Men evolution. I’m just thankful this cartoon is featuring the X-Men at all lol. Back in the 60 and 70′s things were different. But ever since then Wolverine has become Marvel most second popular character after Spider-man this is literally his first ever show. And it’s about time! But I agree the show is better with the X-men. When I saw the X-Men movies at first I was soooo pissed it was so Wolverine/Hugh Jackson centric; they kill of cyclops!

    But I mean we got the cartoon called “Wolverine and the X-men” and we have the recent “Wolverine Movie”. It’s basically Wolverine’s time to shine. So I don’t mind watching wolverine heavy episodes about Weapon X. Of course Storm and Cyclops are not leading the team in this version. It’s all about Wolverine now. You should guess that in the next season Wolverine is going to some how save the day and defeat the Age Of Apocalypse. What do you expect – It’s his show! When the X-men have their next movie. Maybe then we will have another X-men cartoon that’s like X-men evolution or the old X-Men 90′s show. But now we can just make do with what we have lol.