SDCC: Emma Frost in Marvel Dark Reign Panel

Fans ask questions about the future of Marvel under Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign. Emma Frost is mentioned a few times:

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus Cover“Things get ugly real quick,” Fraction said of “Utopia,” the Dark Avengers/X-Men crossover. “This story takes Norman [Osborn] and the X-Men to places they haven’t been before.”

“We were the first one done and we can’t talk about it,” Fraction said of the Uncanny List. “It’s an epilogue to Exodus, the last part of Dark Avengers/X-Men.”

Dark X-Men: The ConfessionWho didn’t make the cut for villains-turned-heroes in Dark Reign? “There was a huge list of villains we wanted to use as analogues for the heroes,” Quesada said. “There were 4 or 5 we knew had to be there.” Daken was one of these choices, though Quesada said Brian Michael Bendis was not familiar with the character at the beginning of the planning process.

“For the Cabal, Brian wanted Magneto, but we couldn’t because of the X-plans,” Fraction said. “But somebody lit onto Emma, and it opened a half year’s worth of stuff.”

Are Scott and Emma broken up? “Emma likes to play games, and Scott seems to be playing her game,” the fan said. “Are they playing a game together, or are they playing a game with you?” Fraction said slyly. Answers to be found in “Dark X-Men: Exodus.”

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Were there any villains they wanted to use in Dark Reign that they couldn’t?
Fraction: Originally Bendis wanted to put Magneto in the Cabal, but when he was unavailable somebody suggested replacing him with Emma Frost and everything clicked into place.

Are Scott and Emma breaking up, or are they playing games with each other?
Answer: The conclusion to Utopia will answer a lot of those questions.

Request for a DARK X-MEN ongoing. Joe offered the writing gig to Christian.

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  • FoxxFire Art

    I noticed how Fraction is now saying that someone else added Emma to the Cabal, in place of Magneto. When I remember a previous interview where he say it was his idea.

  • FoxxFire Art

    Oh, they had best not remove Emma from the story.
    Though the cover for Exodus she is seen. Though still wearing those horrid colors. I just found it funny how he’s stepping away from being the one who wanted Emma in the Cabal.

    There is talk about the creation of a X-Nation. Perhaps this nation will require a queen. lol
    I think they are purposely being evasive about Emma, because they don’t want to spoil the conclusion to the Utopia crossover. I have written in detail on a few forums about my theory, but I suspect that Scott and Emma could of had a plan for this before Osborn even arrived.
    Remember that ‘talk’ Beast wanted to have with the two of them upon his return from the “Origin of the Species” story? Well, he returned and was present at the beginning of Utopia. I think they already had that talk.
    The biggest hint was when Scott confronted Osborn. That’s like when you play chess and you have your opponent surrounded, two moves from checkmate, but he doesn’t realize it. Still, you give him a warning.

  • FoxxFire Art

    @Aimee – Just because the series isn’t being kind to Emma at the moment doesn’t mean you should lack on your love for the character.
    As far as we know things could go well for Emma. It’s just irritating that they are giving us so little information. All the while they are talking about pretty much everyone else.

  • Luis

    Originally Posted By AimeeAha…I never said I lack my love for Emma. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be running this site. :P I just don’t like the direction she’s heading in or the characterization of her.

    I think that none (or at least most) of us like the characterization of Emma in this moment…
    But Foxx theory has sense. In fact it’s really solid. After reading the last issues of Dark Xmen/Dark Avenger, I have a feeling that Emma and Scott know more than what they say…

  • FoxxFire Art

    @Luis – Thank you. I tend to do pretty well at deductive reasoning. It all just seems to make sense.
    First we have the “Uncanny X-Men Annual 2″ there we have Emma play Namor. I thought it was odd that she talked to Scott on a ‘phone’. She seemed rather short with him as well. Lies to him about where she is, and even cutting him off as he tries to say, “I love you.”. Though after she fools Namor into thinking she killed Shaw. She used her telepathy so only he could hear. I think Emma knows she’s being listened into. She wanted someone to hear that phone conversation.
    There is the matter with Beast and the talk he wanted to have upon his return. He returned, and the story went into Utopia.
    I was amazed at how calm Scott was to Emma’s actions. Even telling the shocked Colossus that he has an idea of hat she’s up to. Rogue shows up. Scott starts to explain the situation, mentions Osborn and his Avengers: but never mentions Emma’s involvement.
    Lastly, we have his conversation with Osborn on HAMMERs own base. You’d have to be pretty confident you are going to win to demand Osborn’s surrender. For that you’d need to know you had him surrounded.
    The Exodus book is the closing chapter of Utopia. The cover shows Emma on the X-Men’s side, and the description says “Emma’s betrayal”. What if that betrayal was to Osborn, Namor, and the Cabal? We assume that it was her ‘betrayal’ of the X-Men, because that’s the way the reader sees that statement from the story we have now.

  • NB

    @FoxxFire Art – I was a bit skeptical of your theory first, but now I have to agree. The answer to Fraction’s question is clearly that they are playing a game with YOU, i.e. the reader and Osborn. Could of course be that the answer is neither of Fraction’s two alternatives but that does not seem likely.

    This Q and A was formulated a bit differently on the Newsrama feed btw, there it was:

    “Is he playing a game against her or are they both playing a game against you?”

    I guess this makes sense in a lot of ways, if everything is revealed after or during Utopia if would make the previous scene with Beast a waste of time, now it serves as foreshadowing. Fraction also talks about “The List” as the follow-up/coda to Exodus but he never mentions “The Confession” by Kyle and Yost. The latter most likely serves as a glorified prequel much like the Dark X-Men mini-series. It’s of course understandable that Fraction would write the ending of the story when he wrote everything else as well.

  • FoxxFire Art

    I was looking at the release dates for September and I realized something.
    Exodus comes out on September 9th. A week later on September 15th Uncanny X-Men # 515 is released and everything about this is still classified. The Confession book is released the week after that.I’m wondering if Confession will be a mixture of post dated story and current events. Much in the same way Dark X-Men Beginning told the creation of the team. I have a theory that Confession may show the conversation Beast had with Scott and Emma before the riots. They will probably fight, get angry, but reconcile in the end. It seems as if half of the books description is classified.
    It’s weird though that Confession is listed as a #1, but I don’t see a part two listed for October at all.

  • NB

    Marvel seem to list all one-shots as #1 for some reason. The classified solicits will probably be updated later, but it’s not likely they will reveal anything more than the recent interviews anyway.

    You might be right about Confession being both set in both the past and the present, it’s supposed to change Emma’s live “forever” after all. Maybe she’ll seemingly stay on Osborn’s side in an undercover role for the X-Men. Or just lead the (former) Dark X-Men for separate missions.

    If Confession is (partly) set before Utopia it’s clear they made up, just check the scene on page 11 with Osborn arriving to SF on TV in the background.

  • FoxxFire Art

    I think Emma is going to betray the Cabal, and Namor will discover Shaw alive some time in the August issues. I think that’s the betrayal the Exodus book talks about. The cover image shows Emma surrounded by the real X-men. On the other side are Dark Avengers, Namor, and Sentry. It’s interesting that they still wont show this cover on the Marvel site.
    I think some time in August Emma will be the first to turn on the Cabal. It will be nice that she’s the first to turn.

    I don’t see the reason to have a Dark X-Men team or comic. Not unless they were under Osborn’s command. There was also no new titles listed for release in October.

  • NB

    Fraction did say that the “List” issue with Uncanny would have Namor in it.

    The Dark X-Men comic will give Cornell and Kirk an opportunity to do the X-Men (and hopefully Emma as well), that’s reason enough to me. :)

    It will probably be out in November.

  • Luis

    After reading your entire arguments, I agree with Foxx, I think that Emma betrayal will be against Osborn and his Cabal, just like Loki and Doom are planning to do.
    Acording to Fraction, Emma will be in the X Men after the Dark Reign thing because he loves her (after the pathetic dialogs, you can believe it or not) but I have a feeling that Foxx theory is right and fits well with this.
    So maybe Emma and Scott will be together at the end.

  • NB

    I just read the three page Necrosha interview on IGN.

    It seems to say (second page) that X-Force will still be kept secret from the rank and file X-Men during the Necrosha arc starting in October, i.e. well after Utopia and the Confession story. So whatever Cyclops lets out there seems to be only for Emma’s, and possibly Beast’s ears.

    That’s understandable of course, being a secret is a big part of the premise of X-Force and the title still has plenty of steam left. So there
    will probably be no changes of that magnitude for some time.

  • NB
  • Luis

    Originally Posted By NB So whatever Cyclops lets out there seems to be only for Emma’s, and possibly Beast’s ears.

    That’s understandable of course, being a secret is a big part of the premise of X-Force and the title still has plenty of steam left. So there
    will probably be no changes of that magnitude for some time.

    Yes, X-force would lose the charm if becomes public, but I think that after the confession, if our suppositions are correct, Cycke will keep the secret along with Emma and possibly Beast as you say it.

  • FoxxFire Art

    I think “The List” books are about Norman’s enemies list, ala Richard Nixon. I believe that since Norman is handed his first defeat by the X-Men in Utopia he finally starts to feel threatened. It’s described as Norman being more proactive.
    The fact that they show that picture of Namor on the “The List – Uncanny X-Men” is probably because Namor is who Osborn sends to strike. He’ll probably be pretty pissed off at Emma for tricking him with Shaw.

  • NB

    Personally I hope that Namor stays with the X-Men (dark or not) for a while before he finds out about Shaw. That would make for some interesting character interactions, for example Scott and Namor.