’s Top 70 Covers

As part of Marvel’s 70th Anniversary, they gave members a chance to vote for their favorite covers of all time. Astonishing X-Men #2 with Emma Frost and Cyclops makes #56 of the list:

Astonishing X-Men #2 by John Cassaday
WRITER: Joss Whedon
ARTIST: John Cassaday
COLORIST: Laura Martin
DESCRIPTION: Black, blue, a hint of red and two characters. That’s all artist John Cassaday needs to deliver an intriguing, exceptional X-Men cover.

View the winners here: Top 70 Covers

Speaking of covers, I plan to update the Astonishing X-Men cover gallery with very high quality images. :) EDIT: UPDATED!


  • NB

    That was a great cover and should have placed higher on the list. Of course, many of the higher-ups were probably selected due to being covers of a “classic” issues rather than their own merits.

  • Noona

    I voted for that cover !!!