Jimenez Joins Astonishing X-Men

Marvel artist Phil Jimenez will join Astonishing X-Men with Warren Ellis. Jimenez has worked on previous issues of Morrison’s New X-Men. Here’s what he has to say on his upcoming project:

“The X-Men was the first mainstream super-hero comic book I ever collected,” remembers Jimenez. “Its lead characters—Storm, Wolverine, even the Beast and Emma Frost—have been near and dear to my heart since I was a kid. I love these characters, I ‘get’ them, and I find drawing them is a huge pleasure and a real luxury for which I’m incredibly grateful.”

Phil Jimenez's Astonishing X-Men ArtworkMy hope is that with enough lead time, we can get some really strong artwork to match Warren’s awesome scripts. Also, the cast was slightly different in NEW X-MEN. With ASTONISHING, I get to play with characters I love drawing like Beast and Emma Frost, as well as Armor and Storm, my favorite Marvel character of all time, and that brings me joy every day.

The flourishes I’ll add will be standard ‘Phil Jimenez’ flourishes in character more than costume. Look for a change in Armor’s hair style, for example; lots of grandness from Storm—I love her as the regal goddess; Emma being icy and fabulous; Beast being as elegant and refined as he is ferocious in battle, etc.”

Jimenez reveals that, while he’s looking forward to a number of elements working on ASTONISHING X-MEN, two in particular might stand out above the rest:

“Storm and Emma. Working with Warren Ellis. Storm and Emma. Working with Warren Ellis. Beyond that? Maybe drawing cameos of the New Mutants and Emma’s original Hellions—hint, hint, Warren!”

Source: Marvel.com: WWPhilly ’09: Jimenez on Astonishing