MyCup o’ Joe Week 49 & 50

Emma Frost is mentioned in “MyCup o’ Joe Week 49″ and “MyCup o’ Tea, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.”

One fan is bored of Emma Frost:

Prism Pirate asks:
Are there any plans for Storm to come back into the X-fold outside of ASTONISHING X-MEN or BLACK PANTHER? I know there’s a lot going on in the X-Books right now but I think she needs to come back to rein Cyclops back in. Emma just isn’t cutting it.

JQ: Storm’s got her hands VERY full out in Wakanda right now, but she’ll be popping up here and there in UNCANNY X-MEN and elsewhere.

MyCup o’ Joe Week 49

Dark X-Men and the lack of female characters:

LongHorn USA
Alright Joe, spill the beans on the “Dark X-Men” who are they? Is Angel leaving x-force? Also, it’s AWESOME to see Namor in a x-suit but it seems a bit out of character for the Prince of Atlantis to throw on a different costume.
Also, im going to say its safe to assume that the “Wolverine” in the picture is actually Daken…right?

JQ: I can’t say much right now, but last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con we revealed that it’s a cover to an upcoming issue of Uncanny X-Men. So who’s on the team and why? You’ll just have to keep reading.
But if you missed the Uncanny X-Men Annual from earlier this year, it’s definitely one to check out for hints on how Dark Reign is going to affect the X-Men.

Ted and Lisa
What’s going on with female Marvel characters? Jean Grey’s been dead for several years now, Shadowcat’s basically dead, Ms. Marvel & Wasp are dead, Scarlet Witch and Songbird have been written out, She-Hulk’s been replaced, Storm’s usage is limited… any comments? Just trying out some fresh faces?

JQ: We’ve got a lot of strong female characters in all our books right now. The X-books always have a lot of strong female characters. Domino, Wolfsbane, X-23, Siryn, Monet, Layla Miller, Mirage, Karma, Magick, Magma, Rogue, Armor, Emma Frost, Pixie, and maybe somebody else coming back into the mix…not all of those characters are household names, but honestly neither are some of the ones you mentioned.
Storm’s only really sidelined if you don’t read ASTONISHING or BLACK PANTHER (who’s also female these days…), which you should!

Also, Elektra is female and she’s got her own limited series! Namora and Venus are right up front in Agents of Atlas, while Mockingbird is kicking butt and taking names in New Avengers: The Reunion.
Then over in Guardians of the Galaxy we’ve Gamora, Martyr and Mantis; Medusa and Crystal going to war in War of Kings; and in the pages of Thunderbolts #133, Songbird will be battling it out with Black Widow II. And if that’s not enough for ya, over in War Machine, we have Cybermancer and Bethany Cabe keeping James Rhodes flying, while the magical Jennifer Kale is a star in Marvel Zombies 4.

So I’d say that the ladies of the Marvel Universe are doing pretty good!

And let’s not forget Sue Storm, Valkyrie, Zarda, Carol Danvers, Kitty Pryde & the newly minted She-Hulk (among others!) tearing it up over in the Ultimate Universe.


MyCup o’ Tea, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning


  • Anthonyh

    @Aimee – watever dont listen to what they say to be quite honest I enjoy just having two main females Emma and Storm and that is it, though i wouldnt mind if Jean came back and joined or even rogue or kitty

  • NB

    I think you’re a bit unfair to Mr Quesada here. All of those he mentioned are (or will soon be) a main character in their respective title.

    New Mutants will soon be restarted and Elektra currently has a five issue mini ongoing.

    Rogue will probably get the focus in Legacy very soon.

    Carol might have died (for now), but we got the lovely Moonstone instead. Net win in my opinion. :)

  • Mr_Hellfire

    This complaint is frequent and no one’s getting it: Yes, you’ve got your examples of women who are still around but they aren’t doing shit or aren’t shit next to the women that came before them.

    Do we even count Emma right now? Seriously, how horrible it must be to go from an intelligent and complex X-Man to Co-Headmistress with an edge to this horrible “caring” woman who is not Emma Frost. I’ve heard so many bad arguments as to why she can “lighten up” now, but no one gets that she was happy at times in New X-Men she just expressed differently and it usually came off a bit wrong but that was the point. She’s the X-Man who contradicts the whole “good and fluffy and pure” theme and she does it better than X-Force and Wolverine and “badass” Cyclops ever will.