X-Men: Manifest Destiny News

At 2008′s Heroes Con, a panel called X-Men: Manifest Destiny was discussed by Nick Lowe, Ed Brubaker, and Matt Fraction. Emma Frost will appear in this ‘X-Men: Manifest Destiny.’ She was also noted to have major parts in the future of X-Men comics.

At Heroes Con 2008, Emma Frost is mentioned among the panel:

Asking about female X-Men, an audience member asked if it could be possible that Emma Frost is consciously or unconsciously eliminating “the competition,” and that’s the explanation for the lousy fates that have befallen several female X-characters?
“That’s such a good idea, you just don’t know…” Fraction mused, clearly excited by the notion, explaining it to Brubaker that the fan had come up with an explanation for rampant misogyny in comics.
“Yeah – Emma’s just worried that Cyclops will go after any mutant in a skirt,” Brubaker added, laughing.
Fraction added that readers will see an Emma Frost miniseries in 2009.

In response to a question about the Hellfire Club, Fraction said that Emma Frost “has a huge couple of years ahead of her. And riffing off of that, Fraction said that he and Fraction will be putting the sex back in the X-Men. “There’s been a mutant baby, since M-Day,” Fraction said, adding, “How do you make more babies?” The writer intimated that while things won’t be blatant, sex and reproduction will be in the forefront of the X-men’s minds.

Asked how much control Cyclops will have over his powers, related to what readers saw at the end of Astonishing X-Men, Brubaker said that he loved the ending, but felt that Cyclops didn’t want ot have that control anymore, and has asked Emma to shut off that part of his brain – but can still turn “off” his powers if he wants to, “but it takes an amazing amount of willpower.”

Source taken from here: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/080623-HCXpanel.html