Emma Frost Photos/Images in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It looks like someone was able to sneak in a camera at CCI and post some images of Emma Frost in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Read more for images…

Thanks to mythog for finding these images!


  • Shark

    It’s probably Tahyna Tozzi. She’s listed as a cast member somewhere, but the role was “unnamed”.

    Also, what IS she wearing?

  • aimeeish

    @Shark: Hmm…could be her.

    I have no idea what she’s wearing. It looks like a plain white t-shirt and red pants.


  • aimeeish

    Also, here’s where I found other photos:


  • Shark

    Whatever the case, that is one uninspiring pose.

    At the very least, I can be happy with the flood of hot guys in the movie. I don’t really care for Gambit but seeing Taylor Kitsch in those shots made me terribly excited.

  • http://www.adrianzaslona.com Adrian

    Silver Fox is the brunette that we see Wolverine kissing in a few scenes. If it follows closely with the comics she’s going to have a pretty bad ending.

    I’ll reserve judgment on Emma until i’ve seen the movie. After the horror that was X3 i decided never to judge an X-movie by its trailer.

  • http://emmafrostfiles.com Anthony

    Thanks Mythog for the pics!! After seeing the trailer I dont think emmas going to have a big role at all but just a cameo. Where did it say shes going to be part of Strykers team?

  • Mikey

    Well Hugh Jackman confirmed Emma Frost, and rumors have flooded wether she’ a Cameo or Main Person…if you ask me, I think she’ll be like X-Men 3′s Shadowcat

  • Diamondskinboi

    I have to agree with Adrian, it’s hard to judge these films by the trailer. I just hope that these pics are shots of Emma leaving some institute and not what she’ll look like for the film.

  • http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=11035948263&subj=662449858 james X

    actually that is INDEED emma frost. hugh jackman said she would be in the new movie. and in my opinion it looks like the fighting arena shown earlier in the trailer. and it looks as if someone was shooting at her.

  • http://emmafrostfiles.com Anthony

    @james X – Where did hugh confirm this because the video i saw he only said the other characters but not her do you know the source??

  • http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=11035948263&subj=662449858 james X

    2008 comic con, he said she would be making an appearence in the film, didnt say whether or not it’d be a big role or just a cameo.

  • Ben MCDaid

    Not to spoil the whole excitement thing, but to go refearing to the comics (Which Ive never done!) Emma doesn’t get her diamond abilities till the whole thing in Genosha given to her by the weird old lady but like they never really go and set everything around the comics in the movies though so it probably is her.

  • Cyber-X

    I Think is Naomi Watts or Maria Bello in her Picture of Emma Frost one of the two kinds of model

  • Cyber-X

    my name is Cyber-X not Ben is Cyber-X who put that comment of Naomi watts and Maria Bello who role od Emma frost thanks

  • http://holaXmen Diego Turina

    Emma Frost and Wolverine ^^


  • MystiqueDiosa

    I’ve heard that it’s going to be a young Emma Frost, prior to her days in Hellfire Club and the “finest body money can buy.” I was surprised to see her turn into her diamond form since that doesn’t happen in the comic books until Genosha. Did that bother anyone else? Also, doesn’t Emma have light brown hair in the comics where she’s a teenager? I’m glad to see the character in the movie, but I hope that they don’t ruin her!

    Gambit was not as good-looking as I had hoped. *sighs*

  • REKupp

    Originally Posted By aimeeish@Shark: Hmm…could be her.

    I have no idea what she’s wearing. It looks like a plain white t-shirt and red pants.


    HAHA! I love this.

  • Sphxs

    i can’t belive this. So disapointing. Emma is the hottest woman on earth and that one there looks like an ugly bitch.

  • kim

    its Tahyna Tozzi she’s super sexy

  • FrankieTattzs

    She looks hideous in the trailer but in the movie she looks a lot better- She has a cameo but she’s in prison and they all are wearing red ourfits like that. She helps get the kids to freedom and protects them with her powers (trailer)

  • http://www.yahoo.com/movies Midnight

    These are all the characters from the movie. It is Emma Frost.
    I got it from yahoo.com/movies
    If you don’t believe me. She is the 15th down

    Hugh Jackman- Logan/Wolverine
    Ryan Reynolds- Wade Wilson
    Liev Schreiber -Victor Creed/Sabretooth
    Dominic Monaghan- Barnell Bohusk
    Lynn Collins -Kayla Silverfox
    Danny Huston -Col. William Stryker
    Daniel Henney -Agent Zero
    Taylor Kitsch Remy- LeBeau
    Kevin Durand- Fred Dukes
    Scott Adkins -Weapon XI
    James D. Dever- Platoon Leader
    Stephen Leeder -General Munson
    Tim Pocock -Scott Summers
    Troye Sivan -Young Logan
    Tahyna Tozzi -Emma Frost
    Will.i.am -John Wraith
    Julia Blake- Heather Hudson
    Max Cullen -Travis Hudson
    Peter O’Brien- John Howlett
    Philip A. Patterson (II)- Firing Squad Leader
    Tom O Sullivan -Logging Supervisor
    Christopher Sadrinna- Van Mier
    Septimus Caton- Bartender
    Matthew Dale- Surgeon
    Asher Keddie -Dr Carol Frost
    Socratis Otto -Lead Technician –Alkali Lake
    Henry Browne -Curtis
    Daniel Negreanu- Poker Player #1
    Alexandra Davies- Woman of the Night
    Don Batte- Huge Doorman
    Rob Flanagan- Driver #1
    Hakeem Kae-Kazim- African Businessman
    Eric Breker- Special Forces Commander
    Adrian Hughes- Hunter #1
    Byron Chief -Moon Hunter #2
    Mike Dopud -Vietnam Army Officer #1
    Panou -Tank Soldier
    Elizabeth Thai- Vietnamese Woman
    Warwick -Young Helicopter Pilot

    • Jacoblaigo

      i kinda thought it was crystal look at the credits o x-men origins again what would yahoo know

  • Aimee
  • Peyton

    Went to see it yesterday,\

    they effed up Emma Frost. I mean, they made her helpful and friendly. Why? Emma’s is a bitch. And who the eff did they cast? I always loved to see Portia de Rossi as Emma, since she is badass at portraying icequeens. She isn’t even mentioned by name, they just say she is Silver Fox’ sister, and Silver Fox suddenly has the power of persuassion (is that how u right it?). So I’m guessing Silver Fox is based on Adrienne Frost, since they are sisters and all…


    Emma is being held in a pens, together with Scott and with who I presume to be the St. Croix twins and Northstar, and in the end they are rescued by a still walking Xavier. I wonder wtf happened to Emma then? I mean, why is she recruited together with Cyclops and didnt make X-Man? Weird..
    in the end

    • Jacoblaigo

      i’m sure its crystal comic is diffrent from movie emma has no sister so does silver fox

  • Jacoblaigo

    it was crystal not emma frost the movies are diffrent from the comics emma does not have a sister wolverines girlfriend was medusa i know medusa has long hair but none in the world has that long hair they couldnt where a wig silver fox’s hair is black crystals hair there is blond because her name is crystal and movie is diffrent from comic even threre names are diffrent