Emma Frost casted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a movie about what the title says – Wolverine’s origins. At Comic-Con International in San Diego, the first trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine debuted. According to many sources, Emma Frost, along with several other characters, were spotted in a team casted by William Stryker.
According to firstshowing.net:

1:03PM – Hugh Jackman has just stepped off the plane and makes an appearance! He’s waited years and he said there’s “no way” he would miss out on coming here! He just had to be here. Without “you guys” he wouldn’t have a career. Saying “thank you” for making this phase of comic book movies what it is. Okay, Hugh Jackman just tried to walk into the audience and the Twilight fans SWAMPED him. This is CRAZY!

1:06PM – One of the best comic book characters ever created and as an actor it’s a challenge to play. I still feel there’s more to find out and thanking the original creator Len Wein. Two words that he knows we want to hear. If he can describe the Wolverine movie, it’s: badass. A long time he’s wanted to make it and he’s wanted to hear and we’re going to see a lot of Bezerker rage. He says they “literally” just wrapped filming. He grabbed a whole lot of footage and “glued it together” and not what we’ll really see. He’s showing us a lot but there’s no way he was not coming here showing us something. Fox has finally delivered!!

1:11PM – Full trailer! Scenes with Gambit throwing cards. Stryker comes and asks to put together a “special team” of superheroes. Shows the relationship with Wolverine and Sabertooth together and the development of the team and the adamantium program that Strkyer puts together. Really AWESOME footage! Looks incredible – some good fight scenes, but it still needs a lot of polishing. It almost looked too glossy and too colorful, but this is very early footage. Either way it looked awesome.

Confirmed team members: Blob, Deadpool, Gambit, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Emma Frost. Lots of action scenes including a moment where Wolverine jumps from a truck to a helicopter and grabs on and attacks it. Younger cast, but very flashy and colorful and great scenes of action. A lot of cool scenes where Wolverine was fighting in the adamantium lab. Fight scenes of Wolverine and Sabretooth where he shoves his claws into Sabretooth’s chest. All-in-all it looked amazing – and I’m not the only one who thought so!

1:13PM – The panel has finished up today and we’ve shut down so far. Great presentation from Fox – lots of awesome footage!!



  • http://remixedracing.com Jonathan

    She definitely fits into the group..not

  • Shark

    Hopefully this is Emma in her “(REALLY)lost years”, and not the fabulous Queen we all know and love.

  • http://www.emmafrostfiles.com Serena Laudani

    Oh god No, I’m happy she has a movie appearence but I much prefer her in an X-Men film, and not in some silly film where she plays a slave and a minor role

  • http://www.emmafrostfiles.com Anthony

    How could they ruin the character like this?? Its good she finally shows up in a film, but she does NOT belong in a film dealing with Weapon X or wolverine, if she is in this she better be PERFECT and beautiful with both of her powers, and has a good role too.

  • http://www.emmafrostfiles.com Miley

    I dont know about you guys but I’m pretty excited for this film, Emma is awsome

  • jimmy

    hmmm..this looks X-men 3/ghostrider all over again with the trailer having cheesey dialogue and all the wrong random characters.

    Emma Frost and Gambit…okay, just like in the real marvel universe when they were part of Weapon X…wait what? Why is Fox still allowed to make Marvel Films…they have noooo respect for the source material.

    also, Deadpool is no long deadpool…he’s just Ryan Reynolds as himself with swords.

  • mythog
  • http://remixedracing.com Jonathan

    OMG please no. PLEASE NO

  • aimeeish

    @mythog: Thanks for the images, man! I’ll post ‘em up.

  • mitch

    “hmmm..this looks X-men 3/ghostrider all over again with the trailer having cheesey dialogue and all the wrong random characters.”

    honestly i dont think you can put this movie down yet. Nowhere near enough information has been reavled for you to judge it like that. There wasnt that much dialogue. And you dont have a clue what theyre going to do with the characters.

  • lifeguard

    Well since Emma Frosts original origin is probably going to be used considering that her parents left her in a mental institution where she was repeatedly abused by the guards. I dont think the weapon x facility is really much different.

  • Kirk Beattie

    Look, I agree that Emma Frost has no buisness in this movie, but you can’t call the ‘random X-Men’that they have ‘a cast of slaptick’ characters. Come on? You obviously haven’t seen the footage. It rocks. Cant wait for the movie. My brother is actually in the movie, so I get to go to the premier. The only thing I am not looking forward too, is the kid playing Cyclops. His name is Tim Pocock. He is one of the worst actors I have ever seen.

  • Kitti Monster

    Anyone else disappointed in the girl they cast for her..?
    I do agree she doesn’t fit in the story, but the girl they picked looks nothing like emma.
    an I’m ranting a little.. lol

  • jessica

    Does it bother anyone else that shes cast as an elemental and NOT as the psychic that shes supposed to be!!??

  • Me

    @jessica – Yes…cause you know what her role will be from two seconds of trailer….stoopid.

    • Tae

      at the credits i saw it said keyla silverfox then later on i saw keylaas sister emma no lst nme

  • Cirronrichardson

    The whole series just got fucked up how the hell is emma frost all grown up in first class but young in wolverene origins plus xavier is walking in origins he lost his legs in first class????????…….. wtf????….. how do they fuck that up