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From the official Marvel Heroes description. For most of her life, Emma Frost thought only of her own needs and goals, seeing humanity as inferior to her own mutant race. She used her intelligence, charm, and telepathic powers to accumulate great wealth. Soon she joined the mysterious Hellfire Club, a group secretly dedicated to world domination. For years she helped that group gain the political and economic influence it desired, often clashing with the X-Men. Over time, however, Emma came to see the teaching of young mutants as her true calling. Eventually she allied with Professor Charles Xavier and her former enemies, becoming a full-fledged member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier School.




White Queen


New X-Men




Omega Telepath

Project a mental bolt that damages enemies in a small area.
Project a mental bolt that damages the first enemy hit, and regenerates spirit.
Project a cone of telepathic fury, potentially stunning enemies.
Invade the minds of your enemies, leaving lasting mental pain in your wake.
You can sense the minds around you, seeing flaws that increase the effectiveness of your mental powers. This power doesn’t function while you are in diamond form.
Project mental static that breaks you free from negative conditions and briefly renders you invisible to enemies and protects you from projectiles and negative conditions. The effect ends early if you hit an enemy.
Hold down the hotkey to sap your enemy’s mental strength.
Telepathically shield yourself and allies, granting increased strength and hiding them from enemy detection.

Hellfire Headmistress

Attack an enemy’s mind, gaining control of that foe if its health drops below 20%. A controlled minion gains double health, 25% bonus movement speed, and bonus damage. When a controlled minion is defeated, it revives several seconds later. Controlling a new minion releases the first minion and renders it unconscious. Bosses and any enemies above your level cannot be controlled.
Your controlled minion gains improved attack speed, health, and health regeneration.
Ranged, Area
Detonate your minion in a burst of mental energy. Your minion is permanently destroyed. This high cooldown power does incredible damage.
Ranged, Area
Disorient your enemies, causing them furiously attack their own allies.
Briefly enhance your controlled minion, causing it to taunt enemies and allowing it to fight more effectively in your service.
Frighten nearby enemies with a powerful psychic assault. This long cooldown power is free and does extra damage.
Telepathically lure enemies to you, weakening them as they approach and fall at your feet. When the luring effect ends, you unleash a psychic shockwave against your enemies. This long cooldown power is completely unresistable and does extra damage.

Diamond Paragon

Using your diamond powers shifts you into diamond form until you use an Omega Telepath or Hellfire Headmistress power. Diamond form increases your strength, durability, and defense rating.
Diamond form, Basic, Fighting, Melee
Lash out at enemies in front of you, lowering their defenses and regenerating diamond armor with each hit.
Diamond form, Area, Fighting, Melee
Strike all enemies around you with a powerful roundhouse kick
Diamond form, Movement, Fighting, Melee
Surge into the fray, knocking down all enemies in your path.
Harden your skin, deflecting enemies projectiles and regenerating diamond armor. Starting: Gain 50% diamond armor.
Diamond form, Basic, Fighting, Melee
Smash enemies in front of you, regenerating spirit and diamond armor with each hit.
Diamond form, Passive, Fighting, Melee
While you are in diamond form, enemies who strike you take damage. You also gain increased defense rating while in diamond form.
Diamond form, Movement, Area, Fighting, Melee
Hold down the hotkey to spin through your enemies, striking them with diamond hard fists.
Weaken your enemies while inciting them to attack you.

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